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Age of History 3

Too Many Nations+ Scenario

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                                                            Rendered Image

                                                                        So this is my like first, Mod? Post? no not post, sorry idk what do i call it. Scenario? Yeah that's good. 

                                                                Anyway, the reason why this is called plus is because its made on the "More Province's" Map by...

                                                               "Hetman"? i'm pretty sure it was him and his "helper" "Germoney The Attacker"

                                                                and i used his map, of course, in order to get this scenario you need to download the "More Province's" map first

                                                                This scenerio adds in New Civilizations and new types of Governments into the game And also 3 new leaders.

 Here is a Screenshot preview of the scenario, More than +2000 Civilizations. I'm yet to finish but i'm getting there.                                                                731020375_Skrmbillede(56).thumb.png.279d485de174b7b4e6b99d2a4f21e9c4.png

                                                                                                                                  Rendered Image

                                                                                     Also almost forgot to mention that some of the civilizations are Custom

                                                                           Some are the ones i made, and some of them are from ToR Mod. I'll paste the link here

                                                       "  ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/134854-tor-mod-beta-13/?tab=comments#comment-179764   "            

                             You should download that too, but just wait before you go saying "UGH, i don't want to download a hole bunch of things, Waste of time!"

                                                      You're still here? Good, let's keep going. All of the Files needed will be there except for the map. (Very important)

                                                                  I'll keep updating until its finished. If there are some mistakes i made making the scenario let me know, 

                                                 then i'll fix it. It's a good idea to put in the civilizations and leaders in first, and then download the map (More Province's)

                                                 Anyway, have fun and enjoy the map! Just dont forget if there are any mistakes i made, let me know them so i'll fix them.

                                                                 Rendered Image

                                                               For the Future am planning on to try and make a mod, maybe it will be filled with new governments and all that

                                                      Also i'm doing this on a school computer so it isn't easy to acces everything, so please dont judge me too much.

Peace! PolskaStronk.PNG.dda213f2ec4dec32ed0b27ce2f8e1799.PNG

Too Many Nations+.zip

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