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Mini-Tip: Maintaining a Single Download Link in Google Drive

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A lot of modders choose to upload their mods to Google Drive. Typically they post two links: one for the PC version of their mod, and one for the Android version. And on some occasions, a modder will share links to past versions as well. But having to constantly replace the download links whenever a new update rolls out can be a hassle. In fact, there's a more automated way to go about updating your mods that nobody appeared to be using until now.

So how can you make the process of updating easier? It's so simple that even a no-good, incompetent spam-bot could do it. Simply place your mod downloads in a new folder and share the folder in the same way you would a file. You can see an example of this with The Lost Update.

Now whenever you want to upload a new version of your mod, you can just upload it in the new folder and it will automatically appear for everyone to download. You can also keep past versions in there as well, but make sure to mark them as old so people won't get confused trying to find the latest version. Another option is to create another folder inside of the current folder and place your old versions in there.

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