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Join this if you want more info about my mods and stuff. This is totally not a sinister personality cult or mass brainwashing program.
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  2. A lot of modders choose to upload their mods to Google Drive. Typically they post two links: one for the PC version of their mod, and one for the Android version. And on some occasions, a modder will share links to past versions as well. But having to constantly replace the download links whenever a new update rolls out can be a hassle. In fact, there's a more automated way to go about updating your mods that nobody appeared to be using until now. So how can you make the process of updating easier? It's so simple that even a no-good, incompetent spam-bot could do it. Simply place your mod
  3. Additional Info: Deconstructing the yt-dlp Command The command for using yt-dlp may appear a bit intimidating, especially to people who aren't familiar with how youtube-dl (the program yt-dlp is based on) works. But don't fret! I'll deconstruct the command I showed you so you can get a clearer understand of what exactly yt-dlp will do. yt-dlp -U -f ba -o "%(title)s.%(ext)s" --restrict-filenames --no-abort-on-error -x --audio-format "vorbis" --ffmpeg-location ffmpeg\bin [playlist url] Let's see what each part of this command is for, shall we? yt-dlp -U: This part runs yt-dl
  4. Soundtracks! They shape the atmosphere of a mod and can control the emotion and tone of the player's game session. With many modders opting to replace the soundtrack of the base game (courtesy of Kevin MacLeod), actually getting new songs for the game can be very tedious. However, I have cracked the code of soundtrack creation and discovered 3 techniques to automate and simplify this otherwise time-consuming process. NOTE: This modding instruction assumes you're using Windows and have Notepad++ installed. If you don't have Notepad++, you can install it here. 1. Using yt-dlp and FFmpe
  5. No one cares about clubs anyway.
  6. TCBC was a very niche mod that only catered to my own interests. It was meant to be a personal mod that I could enjoy myself, and then give others a small chance to enjoy. But as time went on, I quickly became too stressed out and depressed to continue developing my mod any further. I didn't want to make updates or create any new content. I also had barely any time for development when I had several other projects and life events going on. But I have observed the behavior of some community members towards other modders who haven't yet released or updated their own mods. Some would simply ask "
  7. AoH2 typically names a province after its city. But you can actually change the province name to whatever you want. And even without a city in the province, you can still give it a name other than "Fokus". This is done through a map's province_names folder. In the base game, this is how the sea provinces get their names. How to add a unique province name: Find the ID of the province you want to name by going into "Edit Connections And Provinces". In your AoH2 directory, go to map/<map name>/province_names. If you don't have a province_names folder, copy the one from the
  8. please go back to tcbc mode @Chairman Baad
  9. No mods appeared properly in the aoh2 community since tcbc mod died
  10. Create your mod on PC, then copy the files from your mod to your phone and use this to extract and edit the AoH2 AРK file.
  11. When it comes to adding cities to a map, you have two methods for how to do it. The first method is to use the in-game city editor, and while this does work in adding new cities, it doesn't let you change existing cities. It also displays new cities at the incorrect level. The worst part is that it leaves a file for each city, therefore forcing Android modders to add these and bringing their mods closer to the 65,536 resource limit. The second method is by using the cities.json files in the map's cities folder. This method requires you to have the map editor open, but the process for addi
  12. Do you know if someone can create a mod working on Android? If yes can you tell It ti me here? I have a lot of ideas but playing on Android...it's difficoult. Thanks
  13. If you've seen or created an event before, you'd understand the various issues behind the event text. Why can I only see part of the text in the event creator? Why did the description I just wrote get deleted when I added a trigger? Why are all the events in a different language? For many mods, these issues are common in scenarios with events. Luckily, there's a better way to display event text: event localization! Inspired by the system in Hearts of Iron IV, and originally demonstrated in The Chairman Baad Collection (rest in lack of content and peace) before being used in Norrvägen and The S
  14. When a mod dies, it goes to mod hell. This is where I post links to dead mods. 11:59 Crusaders III Projekt Erika The Dust Settles Project Colon More mods coming...
  15. Things You Should Do When Making a Mod General Issues Consider the mod you want to make. Are you going for a story-driven mod with diverging paths? Or maybe you want to focus on a certain era of human history? The first thing you should always consider before making a mod is what kind of mod you're going to make. Know your limits. Try to refrain from having too many projects going at the same time. If you have 3 mods in the works and you're trying to focus your attention on one mod at a time, players who were looking forward to the other mods might be disappointed with having

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