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Things, that would be awesome if added to AoC2

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Some stuff that would be really cool if added to the game:
-More ideologies
-Better AI
-More provinces (like provinces for Liechtenstein, Vatican etc.)
-More options while sending an ultimatum, for example: Denie milliatry access to Portugal
-More options in civilization creator, like adding ideology
-More peace threaty options, for example: You're playing as France, and you just conquered Germany, and you want Germany to give independece to Bavaria, which will be your vassal
-Bigger need for assimilation, for example: You're playing as Spain, so you need to assimilate Catalonian provinces, or they will declare independence. I know it's already in the game, but sadly, it only can happen while playing as Spain
-Surrender option if conquered like 75% of a country
-Votings for new alliances members
-Votings for alliances leaders
-Leaders of alliances
-Ability to name an alliance
-Ability to change your vassal's ideology (or other country's ideology by ultimatum)
-More civilizations
-Normal borders after a peace threaty (it's kinda annoying when, for example, Laos is being splited in half by Vietnam)
-More formable civilizations
-More special unions (like Poland + Lithuania = Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth)
-Neutral countries (like Switzerland, there could be also an ability to set it in scenario creator)
-Ability to change country's flag while playing (it would be similar to the civilization creator)

I guess that's it lol


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