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Less Provinces Mod - Magna Tellus - 1370 provinces

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Hi, Simplified Sam here

So you are looking for a simple mod? Something that is close to the vanilla game? A balance between Aoc1 and 2 in terms of provinces? Something that gives mobile players an easier time when playing the game?

If the answer is yes then I got you covered, if not, then give it a try ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mod for Pc:


Mod for Android (92.2MB):


Mod for Android without music (41 MB):




-Map with the entirety of Europe, Central Asia, Minor Asia, North Africa, North America and a part of South America

-Remade the scenarios from the original game, with just 2 new ones to the mix

-Added the new civilizations just for those new 2 scenarios and 1 vanilla (still recommend you putting them in)

-Made every single formable from the original game here so you don’t have to (but changed 1 you don’t have to see the German Empire become the Weimar Republic every single time)

-Added cities to 99% of the provinces

Enjoy 🙂


Victorian Era










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Read if you want to know more and have some spare time:


When I made the original less provinces mod in 2021 I had in mind a project that would be good for a quick experience. Seeing it now, it’s quite lazy and low quality. Doing this made me feel better, even if it was painful.

I have been working the last months (using my free time and relearning how to do maps) to bring something more well-constructed. I had in mind something close to an amalgamation of Aoc1 and Aoc2 with the same base of my old mod.

I wanted to bring something “simplified” like Aoc1 (but no too much), and a map like Aoc2. Also, I wanted to make a map like the last one (Europe centered with America, Africa and Asia to fill up because making just a Europe based map will make it feel dull)


To make the background I didn’t wanted to do a map based on a screenshot on Google Maps like my old mod, I did research for sources I could use, then I meshed them, then I had to color them because they came in black and white, then enhance it to make it look like a map that Lucas Jakowski would make (I wanted to make the mod the closest to the original game as possible).

Source for Europe: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2386178767

Source for America: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2444914414

The background and its template for the provinces were the longest tasks, almost comically taking 70% of my time lol.

I took the time to remake all the formables from the base game to this mod so you don’t have to, and made the growth rate half because reasons.

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9 hours ago, Fbtbtbrbrtbth said:

Hello, it has come to my attention that on android, this modification is an empty file with no way of starting it.

Oh yeah, forgot to say that you need to install Rar on your phone before installing it.

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