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Gallipoli War 1915 (Mydrop) Scenario Mode

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Çanakkale Senaryosu Yada Sizin Diceniz Gibi Mod Türkçe Lehçesi İle Kod Olarak Yani 1915 De Geçen Senaryomuz Yapılçak
Adıda Çanakkale Geçebilir Ama Çanakkale Bölgesinde Bazı Önemli Olaylar Oldu Geçmişten Gönümüze Kadar Örnek Olarak Troya Ve Truva Gibi Assos Yada Persienlerin Yunan Savaşları Veya Anatolia Bölgesindeki Halkların Şehirleşmesi Ve Mediniyetleşmeleri Veya Efsanlerin Olduğu Yada İnançların Olduğu Gibi Onlarıda Eklemeyi Çalışıçaz
Başka Örneklerde Var Şimdilik Bu Kadar Yazıçaz Örnek Olarak Senaryomuzu Mod Ha Çevirmeyi Döşünüyoruz Sahdece Desteklerinizi Bekleriz Son Olarak E.Posta Üzerinden Aoç2 Kodları Veya Komutlarını Bize Gönderirseniz Mutlu Oluruz Elimizde Kayıtlı Kod Çok Az Bulunmakta (Mail)

You Can Support By Registering To Our Sponsor Or By Clicking Our Ads

Our Scenarios To Do By Turkish Developers More Coming Soon
Our resources
We Need Your Support To Improve Our Mod And Scenarios. You Can Support By Clicking
Computer Version

descargar final fight GIF

Android --- Version

Not Ready Connection

Mini Update Image



We will be glad if you register as the sponsor of our team :D (You can get a bonus if you register with the code or link we provide)Code : JKXDTCLink : Just click, it's in the picture, it's in the textPlease Confirm Your Email After Registration




Next Updates
Roads And Seaways Adjust (I)
Regions Straighten (I)
Continents to be Reviewed (I)
Names Adjust (I)
Flags Set (I)
Commanders Konulchak (I)
Military Adjuster (I)
Formables Adjustable (I)
Marine Eclectic (I)
City Boundaries Are Set to Be Recognized as City Name (I)
Trying to Add Pictures (I)
Attempts to Add Troops (II)
Relationships Adjust (II)
Change Font (II)
Ports Adjust (II)
Its Lands are Enumerated (II)
Event Denilcek (III)
And More (III)
Adding New Scenarios After The Scenario Is Over Denilçek To Add Historical Events Or Alternative Scenarios (IV)


Beta Version Download Section (Beta Version Opened) - The Roads Are Not Ready You Can't Fight Even If You Play Now
descargar final fight GIF

Our Mini Story
You May Not Know But Aktulun Team Has Made A Lot Of Mods Since 2008 If We Have The Chance We Would Like To Develop A Game Instead Of Mods.
The Team Sometimes Lost Members And Dropped To One Rival Sometimes It Had A Volunteer Team Of 40 People. Aktul's Team Couldn't Make Much Improvement Due To Low Activity. Abandoned Its Mods. For example, Comrade (My Best Friend) Mod, which was developed in Project Zomboid, could not be released on the day they promised. Currently on the Mod Shelf Developing 869 Mods Since 2008 Aktulun's Team Switched to Aoc2 Game in 2019 - 2020 and Started Making Scenarios After the Team Disbanded, The Team Left to Develop Scenarios for 1 Year, Now Back With One MemberThe Team Didn't Just Develop Mods The Team Joined Many Celebrities Sometimes Made Crows Like Medoliy A Big Follower Of The Team Is Russians Our Old Coub Account Got 12.1 Million Views In 2015 In Russia And Other Central European Countries Except Turkey This Slow Growing Team Has Gone Bankrupt Many Times The Team Has Sometimes Opened Game Servers In 2018 We Separated 8 Person Ebip and Opened the Sky Server by Opening MC Server with a Weekly Advertisement Budget of 500 TL Continuing MC Server Including Monthly Advertisements 3500 TL Domain and Servers Open in Others It Has Been Open For Exactly 11 Months It Has Brought The Team's Bankruptcy The Team Also Has Only 12 Thousand Liars Left The Team Has Shut Down The MC Server Without Any More Bankruptcy. In 2009, Half Life Has Opened 1 Server. It Has Been Owned A GMOD Or Ark Server Over The Years They Have Opened A Total Of 46 Servers In 29 Games No One Has Opened The MC Server If you don't enter Bankrupt Due To Almost All MC Form Sites Advertised
The Number of Scenarios We Made With Aoc2 And Diyer Games 39 Dur Aoç2 We Have Dozens of Scenarios All of them are of Low Quality So You Understand How Bankrupt The Team Has Developed Fan Skins For Rust And Cs:Go All Of These Have Been Deleted. Skin Development Has Begun In 2016 And 19 Skins Have Been Made
There is currently no member in the team. If you want to be a volunteer, you can write to our e-mail. Our E.Mail: AlperenAktulun@Post.cz
The team also took care of +18 artifacts


Update List



Mini Announcements (After 1.1 Version Completely Ends, Will Be Opened to Beta)

Cities Set

Added Half of Country Flags

Troy War Scenario Started Slowly And Built

State Boundaries Updated

Logo Changed

Loading Texts Changed

Information Added




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On 9/15/2022 at 7:43 PM, 118_Lyon_118 said:

When will be realesed the Android version ? 

Sorry We Can't Provide Mobile Service At The moment. We apologize for writing after 2 months. We have started working again from dan now. We can launch mobile soon. Have fun.




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