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Age of History 3

Age of History II - New Scenarios Edition

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to a mod, that changes the game,

Age of Histroy II - New Scenarios Edition


This mod will introdouce:

-New Scenarios (Without Events)

-New Scenarios (With Events) 

-New Nations

-New Formable Nations

-New Map (not sure)


This mod plans to completely revamp the game (By adding new scenarios, nations etc.)

Planned new Scenarios:

-WWII (With Events)

-WWI (With Events)


-Dawn of Ottoman Empire (With Events)

-Map of Regions (Scandinavia, Baltic, Balkans, etc.)

-Historical Map of Regions

-What if Polish Commonwealth defeated Russia?

And much more......


PS: There is no Android Version planned, unless somebody gives me tool to make such version possible


Game planned to be released at end of December


in 2023

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Some countries may have inaccurate flags in new scenarios

This is caused by current creator of countries

Not all functions are supported

What scenarios are done?

-Syrian Civil War

What ideologies has been added (yet)?

-Terrorist Organization

In-progress scenarios

-Second Libyan Civil War

-Iraqi Civil War

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Kaiserreich - Soon there!


Kalmar Union will be at war with Finland, Ottoman Empire will have Bulgaria and Romania as Vasal, Third Internationale between France, Netherlands and UK (Communist), Central Powers between German Empire, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine and Belgium, Austrian Empire between Austrian Empire, Hungary, Czechia and Italy (northern one), Ottoman between Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria and Romania. UK and Ireland (both communist) will be at war, Italy & Iberia at war with Naples, Russian Civil War: Bolsheviks (RSFSR), White Army (Russian Republic), Green Army (Russian Empire). Events will won't be included in this scenario, and only Europe, and Ottoman half of Asia will be included, (No Ottoman Africa)


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Kaiserreich done - photos soon

New ideology added

-Hitlerism (Will be used for: German Civil War, WWII (Events), Alternative scenario - Axis Win)

Planned new ideologies

-Millitary Junta

-Absolute Monarchy

-Elective Monarchy

-Constitutional Monarchy









And much more..

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2 hours ago, HistoryMan said:

Thats true. You can send suggestions if you want, 'bout scenarios or ideologies for example. You can also help me with events, or creating new scenarios for example

sure i can help with scenarios

Edited by Austrian empire

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After 2 days...

I am back!

I will today make few scenarios

Including History Scenarios:

I, II, and III partition of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Events: Yes)

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth vs Teutonic Order (Events: Probably)

Alternative Scenarios:

Third Balkan War (Events: Maybe)

Conquest of Middle East (Events: No)


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Yooo hello friend, I would like to help you with this mod. I am from Serbia and would love to help you make an event with the Yugoslav civil war including historical events.

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