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Project Hybrid Sieg Redux + with bloody Europe 1.18 Code

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Mod not mine!!!!!

Description of Project "HYBRID": SiegRedux 1.4 + BE 1.1.8

The author of the project is Jabal Wagner.


When merged, the SiegRedux v 1.4 mod and the Bloody Europe 2 v 1.1.8 code were used to add new features to the game. Also made additional changes to the Bloody Europe 2 code:


English keyboard.

New console commands.

Assimilation does not reduce diplomacy points.

Assimilation changed to 50 turns.

No rebels.

From the author:





1) This project does not support certain brands of phones, causing the background of the map to turn black. I can't fix this issue as my phone is fine.


2) Combined mods will only be released for android devices, since there is no analogue of the Mt Manager program for a computer. If you still want to play on a PC, then use android emulators (it will work even better than on the mobile phone itself).

List of console commands:


hi = open console commands

noliberity = no vassal release

setarmy (number) / setarmy 1000 = set army commands

* (number) / * 1000 = simple army commands

army = +30000 army

money = +30000 money

population = +30000 population

economy = + 30000 economy

technology (number) / technology 900 = install technology

fort = build a fort

tower = build a tower

port = build a port

Sieg redux original-


Sieg redux with bloody Europe 1.18 code(with English translation):


Mod not mine


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Цікаво но хотілося б щоб був гугл диск адже той сайт не працює для таких як я Українців дякую 

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