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  1. 1. Of the five points thus far, how much do you agree?

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    • I don't agree with any!
    • I agree with some, but they could be different!
  2. 2. What is one that stuck out to you the most?

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To ensure proper game development, I have created these 14 points(similar to Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points) that highlight the most needed aspects of the game. This may be changed over time based on what progress happens in the production of the game, but will maintain relatively similar throughout. I aspire a cult-following to bring the message to Jakowski. 


Point 1: 

There shall be an improved AI engine, one where the AI makes mainly strategic decisions, and frequently uses diplomacy to it's advantage, to make the game more thrilling and adventurous. Actions such as ultimatums, defensive pacts, and alliance proposals should be used as a constant threat or advantage for the player to increase engagement in the game. AI should also be more careful about the consequences for their actions and the threat of its neighbors. Trade deals should make more sense and they should rationalize their decisions. 


Point 2:

A navy and air-force shall be added in the game, and should require certain technologies to have them(obviously). A navy should be available at an early time period, or age, and an air-force should only be available in more modern time periods after the invention of planes, or at least make it to where heavy spending in aerial tech could lead to planes at an earlier time period. Over time, more advanced types of planes and warships could be made with technologies only available in certain later time periods. 


Point 3:

A technology tree should be added in the game. This tree would have different areas of interest, such as a military tree including navy, aviation, and infantry perks, industrial and agricultural perks, and maybe a third that focuses on something else(I'll leave it for you all to decide). There should be limits to how far a country can research in a certain time period; for example: you can't research tanks and other technologies after before the 1900s maybe. Military buffs can be given from certain research paths and focuses, and agricultural benefits such as resource gain and population growth be given from agricultural/industrial tech. Later on in the age of industrialization, the industrial path can be chosen. Also different scenarios have different starting dates, and as expected, technology perks discovered by that time should have already been researched. 


Point 4: 

A political spectrum should be taken seriously in the game, as if one political party gains popularity and becomes a majority, a civil war breaks out or the government can change by choice of the player or AI by notification. The system should work a lot like the Hoi4 system, except with a few more political parties involved. The player or AI can make choices to willingly change the government ideology by boosting party popularity and gaining a majority which takes time, money, and stability. Certain ideologies should have certain policies that affect what a civ can do politically. Democracies have elections every # years and cannot declare wars on countries unless relations are low enough, there is a strong core population, an ally is attacked, or the other country is attacking neutral countries, normally democracies are defensive and have technological and stability perks. A fascist nation can freely declare war on any other nation and create an ethnic population, as well as make aggressive decisions, but lowers a lot of stability to maintain  and create a fascist regime. A monarchy is quite the same as fascist, except they cannot create ethnic populations and are in the middle when it comes to making aggressive or defensive decisions and no elections like fascism, but they can imperialize weaker nations and exploit their resources; it takes a lot of stability to be a monarchy. 


Point 5:

Wars and peace treaties should be reorganized. War goals should be a very important feature to the game, as it prevents random, unorganized, and unrealistic game-play. like said before, democracies have certain conditions when it comes to waging war, and a war goal can only be made when those conditions follow, and sometimes, depending on the situation, a war goal could take from a few days to a few months to make, and it gives preparation and alertness to the other side to make a fair war. Fascists can quickly make war goals with little conditions, and monarchies need a little more time to make war goals than fascists. Peace treaties should be made to where a country can demand any territory(even if it is not occupied) based on their war score, and the other side can determine whether it is fair, and after round and round of debate the two sides can finally agree on something, and other elements should be added to a peace treaty, like demilitarization, a demanded amount of war reparations that is decided by the winner, and the installation of a different government. Also peace treaties should be made to where there are no loopholes, such as the infamous puppet and annexation technique that pretty much everyone knows about, and if the player or AI is a loser, they cannot set up peace treaties, only the victor can.


More points coming soon...give some thought and reply if you would like to see more, give this some popularity if you do...

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