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Personally, I have seen the last photo of the game on Steam (which I already noticed) I saw that the bomb costs 550 gold (possibly subject to changes in the future) so I have come to propose how to balance the cost of the atomic bomb, for Generally, in real life it takes a few years or months to complete one, with a cost of around a million to a hundred million or billions, so the bomb could cost that, and to give greater prominence to resources and Its importance would suggest that it add ores of uranium, plutonium and other radioactive material for the construction of bombs, which are scarce, of course, that would encourage international trade. and there is another suggestion that is based on the consequences of the use of the bomb: Climate change. You can add Antarctica or seasonal cycles and set events based on that. Also, using one nuclear bomb may have a smaller effect than a hundred, such as a province destroyed and uninhabitable for centuries or a catastrophic nuclear accident (like Chernobyl). that leaves lasting damage. Likewise, it can generate a negative effect on the productivity and demographic growth of the continent (depending on the power of the nuke) in which it can lead to a new type of diseases: Nuclear Mutations.

You can also put a section showing the C° of the world, in which if it decreases it can generate a decrease in growth by province, an increase in growth in the desert and even the Sahara turning green again, as well as the increase of temperature which will cause the Sahara to expand, the hottest countries receive a growth penalty and the coldest ones like northern Russia receive greater population growth up to a certain point and then decrease if the heat is already great enough to to annihilate the world. as well as the melting of Antarctica or Greenland, generating a rise in sea level, but that is already complicated, since the provinces will be seriously modified.

For now, if there are nukes, there may also be other types of bombs between the year 2070-future, in which it is not radioactive, but digital, computer virus, in fact the future is a good source of ideas that could be unlimited. For now, let's focus on the most important ones, such as robotic labor or nuclear dissolution treaties.



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