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Age of History 3

Naval War adapted to the actual war system

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Adding warships to the game would give a utility to the sea, which as we have seen in previous games has virtually no utility. It is true that adding such mechanics would complicate the war mechanics, but it can be solved.

I propose that in order to implement naval warfare, the victory percentage in war should be affected by naval combat, suffering a naval defeat will reduce your victory progress but only up to a certain point, i.e. the war percentage will have several factors: percentage of battles up to x%, percentage of conquest x% and percentage of attrition%.

I explain each of them: Battle percentage: If you win battles both at sea and on land you add a positive percentage, but up to a limit of 30% of the war percentage, you can win battles, but not conquer your objectives.

Conquest percentage: As it is obvious it is a percentage that increases as you conquer territories, conquering important cities adds more and the capital is a total capitulation, in short it would give the automatic victory in the war giving importance to the capital.

Finally attrition percentage: I think that in previous games there was already the mechanics of war fatigue, stay long at war affects negatively to your population and more if you are losing.

So with this approach to warfare, naval warfare would be useful for invading overseas territories and launching naval invasions.

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