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Age of History 3

AETAS MUTATIONIS and The Mapa Mòr Project- Work in Progress - 38k VIEWS!

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11 minutes ago, Empire of Brazil said:

@PeteFromPatI was wondering if I could help make the provinces of the countries, I would love to help this mod has potential.

Sorry about my English, I'm not American or British.

yes join the discord server and you can help by telling what provinces countries i should make, plus you can input on progress 👍

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On 3/2/2024 at 6:45 PM, PeteFromPat said:


1802/21,000 (roughly) - old map

242/?(A LOT) - new map

For Frequent Updates and Community Input, Join the Discord Server!

The Discord: https://discord.gg/m5tmfKHx

This mod is planned to feature a lot of provinces that will be best for map making, scenario making etc. the mods goal is primarily made for that and instead of focusing on gameplay it aims to focus on map making, Plus the map isn't really good for gameplay as a lot of provinces are really small (hard to select and move troops) so I would really recommend sticking to the editor.

This mod prioritizes historical accuracy in its expansive map design. While there's potential for an Android release, performance may be hindered by the mod's size. It's worth noting that this project is a remake of my previous mod, Plan X, which aimed for a vast number of provinces but fell short of expectations.

This mod has over 30+ distinct ideologies, with each nation featuring unique variations for each. New nations are also expected to offer the same breadth of diversity. Base scenarios include WW1, WW2, and modern world, with potential for more in the future. If you prioritize map-making over gameplay in AoH2, this mod caters to your preference. Join the Discord to share ideas and suggestions, including scenario nations. Note: The mod is built upon Mappi Mundi's map and draws heavy inspiration from the HOI4 mod. Check out the progress so far!

The original map, comprising 22,000 provinces, exhibited several bugs and lacked optimal quality. Consequently, I've made the decision to overhaul it for both AoH3 and AoH2, doubling its size and the number of provinces for an enhanced experience.

This endeavour could potentially result in one of the largest, if not the largest, maps available for AoH2/3, given the substantial increase in size and province count.

Note: Progress may seem limited at first glance, but the extensive number of provinces means that creating nations takes considerable time and effort.





As you can see its not a lot so far but there are a ton of province's that I have added into it.


someone stop him before he goes insane aswell

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