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Religions as a mechanic can be fun and interesting for gameplay in many ways. I know that many of us would be happy with any form of gameplay with religions but I would be lying to say that people also want some way to play with religions in a mechanical sense that can benefit them in the game other then a specific % bonus.

I think that the incorporation of the mechanics of heads of faith, holy provinces, excommunicating, and crusades can had more depth to the game and make the experience more fun. 

Heads of faith can be decided through scenarios or in-game if the head of faith nation dies or changes religions the strongest nation of the faith becomes the new head. Another way a head of faith can be changes is if a head of faith is disliked by too many of the nations apart of the faith (this can be done through to many wars with people of the same faith or committing sins) which they will then vote the head out automatically excommunicating them making the strongest nation in the faith the head of faith.

Excommunicating can be an options heads of faith can do on a nation for a very high amount of legacy points cost but being excommunicated doesn't guarantee you getting attacked it depends on your strength and relations with other nations of your religion

Crusades or Jihads can be called by heads of faith for either certain provinces or whole nations these options cost legacy points with the latter costing more. Other nations of a religion can join but if the crusade false if the province isn't taken or the nation is destroyed the head of faith has to pay the others that joined based on how much lives they've lost or just for joining.

Crusader force and Volunteers force can be chosen after selecting an army and clicking a tab that allows you to choose one

Crusading forces can't get supplies only through pillaging and crusaders can pillage any province even if you don't own them or they are apart of the same religion and they also take no upkeep but you can only make 2 armies a crusading force for the whole crusade. Cost no upkeep and get a % more attack on top of the army but can only be used until its 1600A.D and when used you don't formally declare war on the nation your fighting

Volunteers forces can get supplies in the mother nation and the nation they are helping you can also make as much as you want but they cost the mother nation upkeep. Can't pillage and can be used at any time in history.

Holy provinces are just provinces that are considered holy to a certain religion and if a provinces is holy to two or more religions they get a higher % of negative option with each other much more then with other faiths. Holy provinces also provide buffs for the nation that owns them if they are a certain religion

Another mechanic I would like to see is a Sins mechanic were if your apart of Christianity for an example its a sin to pilage provinces if you pilage a province you get a % of negative option with the head of faith and that could be a reason to excommunicate you and once excommunicated the head of faith can declare a crusade towards you. Sins are specific for each faith like owning a certain province is a sin or having a certain number of manpower is a sin etc...

Also thank you everyone that takes the time out of your day to read this and thank you Łukasz for developing the game if you see this.

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