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A country powerful enough can have the ability to create an international council and basically choose the leaders of this council, kinda like the UN, this however is not to be confused with an economic or military alliance, this is no alliance.

This could lead to:

Countries imposing sanctions on another country (with justification, like them taking over another territory without justification, kinda like the casus beli in eu4.) And if other countries happen to have bad relations with the nation that is imposing the sanctions, they'll end up vetoeing against it. However, they can also abstain if they are a neutral nation (positive or negative relations with both nations.) Or they can end up approving if they are allied or have great relations with the nation that is imposing the sanctions. (If they are in an alliance, the chances are higher of approval). 

The sanctions could lead to instability and an economic downfall, also a decline in population (integration with the population/tourism idea by @aa30388) . Soldier desertion could be more likely.


The countries who veto in favor, will still sanction the target country, but the ones who didn't will remain neutral or allies with the country.


A country could also violate the air and sea territory of another country, and this could lead to council meeting's, in which the target country can impose a loan be paid or well, as stated above, sanctions. (But more likely a loan.)


When two countries are at war, the council can also veto to interfere into that war, depending on the casualties. The casualties can be divided between War/Military casualties and Civilian, but also the destruction of a country (like bombing and such.) If most of the nations are against it however, this interfering won't happen. (Voting matters in this case.)


Now just like the real life UN troops, these troops could be stationed in different provinces/parts of the country as a peacekeeping force, which will only attack in case of a spy causing a rebellion or some sorts.


Rebellions and terror attacks can also take place, so the UN Troops can deal with that, these troops can be deployed in unstable regions, such as, well, the Middle East. This is more of an idea for a modern day scenario ofc, and It can be toggled off in older scenarios. 

These councils can also come with benefits such as aiding other countries who are poor, mostly however, they'd do civilian exports. (ofc no arms exports.)

It could be an option like: "International World Council" with an on and off switch.

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i needed to add some tags, and fix some stuff

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Honestly it's a good idea, but I probably won't add it, as well as other good ideas that the community contributes, I think Lukas is no longer interested in reading these great ideas, It is clear that the game will look as simple as aoh2, only with some added details. If ideas were added like this it could succeed

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