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Age of History 3

Each Continent has a different scenario

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Version 1

What do i mean by that you might ask, well. i mean that each continent has its borders from one of the many scenarios, Asia has Modern Day, Europe has World War 2 and North America has Victorian Age. so, how will borders like World War 1 in Africa happen since its just world war 1. well, the people who owned it get to keep their colonies. the only one i have split into 2 was Russia, with Asian Russia having Russia, and European Russia having the Soviet Union. if you couldn't understand what i said, then just play it so you can understand it yourself easily. also one more thing.

South America, Australia and Africa(Version 2)

Thanks for the Suggestions, Gheovgos. Any one else can still suggest for South America, Australia or any other continent, but now

Africa = 1440

South America = WW1

Australia = Emu War

Papua New Guinea & New Zealand = Modern Day

Version 2

Version 2 is coming up, including the scenarios in the 3 continents; Africa, South America and Australia. all i need to do is South America in 1815. i hope you enjoy this scenario. Version 2 will come with the Axis alliance because its in the WW2 Scenario. if you guys want me to add events, i will add them in another update for this scenario, but it would be different from the normal no event scenario. V2 will be released today(July 3rd 2019 3PM-5PM EST). Version 2 has over 180 Nations.

Version 3

I had no reasons to come back and work on this, but i am, since i want to give you guys more, there are so many people viewing this, so i'm working on events for it.


1562096004712vnabdtol_D (1).zip V1

1562096004712vnabdtol.zip V2








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Australia you can do Emu War, While for South America pre-1492 or 1815, when south americans rise up against Spain

In africa i suggest you to do 1440

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