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What's left for update 1.1 and information about further updates.

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While I didn't do much for the scenario today (I messed around on editor. Might or might not involve a throne game, wink wink), I have done some thinking about what else I want to do for Update 1.1 and about the next update for Coat of Arms: 1836. So, let's get on for what's left for Update 1.1.

  • Treaties for China to give over various trading ports.

While initially, I wanted to make events about the Opium Wars, I soon realized that these wars would be way too big for what they actually were and would be too decisive if I still wanted players to retain their freedom during the war, hence I've decided that I'll simply add events for UK, France, Germany and alike to demand trading rights and trading ports. If Qing denies, the country would have the ability to escalate the situation, which could turn into a whole war.

  • Events for Russia to demand the territory they historically controlled to make the borders a bit more realistic;
  • The Heavenly Kingdom and Taiping Revolution.
  • Events for Qing about nation-wide unrest.

This would then induce events where Qing gets events where it either gives up one of its lands and releases it as a country (such as Sinkiang, Manchuria, etc) or suffer severe penalties. If Qing is able to survive a few dozen years with all the events, they cease. This would historically portray the collapse of Qing and the rise of warlords during the early 20th century.

  • Add some missing civilizations;
  • Add some missing terrain;
  • Add an event for the US arrival in Japan in 1853, forcing Japan to open its country.

And some other stuff I might think of in the future.


As for the upcoming updates, I can only name a few:

  • Update 1.2: Manifest Destiny;
  • Update 1.3: Sun Never Sets;
  • Update 1.4: The Old World;

I'm sure you can figure out what each update will focus on!


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