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I have started work on a 302 BC Scenario which will include lots of events and nations.

I have decided to include multiple ancient scenarios in a scenario package.

Other Scenarios Coming: 

Fall of the Republic (40 BC)

Second Punic War (219 BC)

First Macedonian War (214 BC)

and more

I will need help on this project, mainly for the tribes and chinese warlords, everything else should be fine, if you help I will give you a spot on the creator list.

Also this scenario uses a lot of Addon plus countries

I need a mapper who can make smaller provinces for greece,italy, and west asia minor



Some new Countries:
Ptolemaic Kingdom
Roman Republic

(idk weird space in-between this)

Antigonid Kingdom

Thracian Kingdom

Kingdom of Epirus

Actual Athens instead of the 1440 Duchy

Formable Hellenic Empire

Antony's Rome

Octavian's Rome

Lepidus' Rome

Sextus Pompey





Upcoming Stuff:


Greek city states in Sicily,France, and Spain

More Greek cities in Greece itself

Chinese States

Formable Roman and Carthaginian Empires

Gallic Tribes

Spanish Tribes

Germanic Tribes

Persis,Hatra, and other Parthian Feudal states

Potential Collab with Imperator mod for More map provinces






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Adding Fall of the Republic Scenario

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18 hours ago, Diego said:

heyy we could collab

im the imperator mod dev btw

Yes we could if you could produce a map to add more provinces to greece and italy so I can do the city states, also a lot of the nations I added are from addin plus

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