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2 hours ago, CopenhaguenLink said:

Age of History Ultra is a complete overhaul of the game, with:

Immersive Music 

New Provinces

The Antartica

The missings countries in the caribbean

Liechenstein, Vatican City and San Marino

Leaders in HD

Flags in HD

200 scenarios


this is interesting... if you want, we can help you

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Added provinces in Venezuela and Colombia for the territorials changes in the Amazonas

Added provinces in Guyana for the Venezuela and Suriname reclamations

Added Provinces in Ghana for the Togoland independence movement

Added Provinces in Etiopia for the Ligray Independence movement

Now the Malvinas are Argentinians two differents islands

Trinidad and Tobago are Venezuelans  two different Islands

Added more Provinces in Koningsberg (KALININGRAD IS GERMAN)

Added more Provinces for making hard crossing the Himalayas

Added more Provinces for making hard crossing the Andes

Added more Provinces in Central America because there are very few

Added more provinces in USA and Canada because yes

Added more provinces in Cuba for Guantanamo

Added more provinces in Jamaica and Puerto Rico

Added more provinces in Antartica

Added more Provinces in the Caucasus for the independence movements in Georgia and the Nagorno Karabaj regions

Now East and West Berlin are provinces

Added more Provinces in Paraguay, Bolivia, China, Russia, Italy and France


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