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Age of History Games
Simon Wilford

Hearts of AoH2 Remastered Edition (11618 PROVINCES DONE) (ALL PROVINCES DONE)

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3 hours ago, Lipark Japanese modder said:



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I wish that the US had been done right. Unless you guys are willing to redo the map I'll be annoyed forever as I play.

Can't make Spanish Florida properly cause there is no straight border for Alabama or Mississippi. Also no West Florida borders. Texas Republic northern point is also all fucked, and I just kinda wonder how and why.

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On 2021/6/12 at 午後3時0分, AlastorTSGW said:



sorry we are too hurry for first release so there are a lot of bus remain

wait until next update

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9 hours ago, Lipark Japanese modder said:

жао нам је што журимо са првим издањем, па је остало пуно аутобуса

сачекајте до следећег ажурирања

Where is update for scale x5 on android?When it be released? Until 3 days?

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For the future updates, to deliver @everyone more surprise, there are 2 options
So i decided to make poll


1. release bug fix updates with next scenario update

2. release bug fix update first and scenario update second


Until today 6/19 In Discord Server

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sorry for delay release and slow development. now the release date will be delayed to July because i have exam.
before releasing i will give you an teasers. In next update, almost mistakes is solved by me and make "true" Hearts of AoH2
Current work --- Formable civilization only!

・Fast turns for modern scenario!
・Fix borders and countries and capitals!
・added new color pallet!
・added new allience name bandle!
・improve background!
・New UI!
・fix credit!
・population and economy fix!
・added new diplmacy color!
・Added Formable civilizations!
・New Mechanic!
 ➣ Capitulation system added!
 ➣ Allies dont inteference new Allies and even i at war, you can join allience!
 ➣ AI aggressive is 0% into 400%
 ➣ (a bit)Smart AI
 ➣ Overhauled building effects
 ➣ Reduce assimilation costs
 ➣ Improve the vassal system
・New Scenario!
 ➣ fixed 2015 Modern World
 ➣ fixed 1936 Gathering Storm
 ➣ 1939 Blitzkrieg

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