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Community Calendar - How can someone publish there?

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    • By FlyingScout
      Current Civs: 4

      Still working on this so feel free to send some in the replys.
      Starting number of provinces will always be 5!
      Will only be doing this on weekends and occasionally weekdays so don't mind if i dont add it immediatly.

      So I found this dead scenario called "War of the AOCII Community" and it peaked my interest, so I decided to do my own and keep it alive this time.


      Basically, just reply using the format below: 

      Color: (Hexadecimal Code)

      (Insert State/Country), (Insert City)

      Leader: (Optional) 
      (Include a image with it!)

      Flag: (PNG is preferable)

      Ideology:(If this is not given ill just pick it for you)

    • By Kingpvz
      I made a Community in Gamejolt for AoH!
      Join it: https://gamejolt.com/c/aoh-7e6irn
      That's it for today :3
    • By AreenLord
      Hey Łukas!
      It would be cool If there could be more commands in the game!
      Like to:
      Start a revolution in a country
      Increase the Diplo. points instead of just 0.4
      And more! xD
      Best regrets
    • By Banana
      So I am making a scenario where all of the nations are people from the AOC2 community. Mostly prominent ones. So if anyone would like to be part of this scenario just tell me what you would want your flag to look like and where you would want your capital and your ideology and any other things you want for your nation
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