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Mode what will be made by community

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I want to create mod. It will be about survived Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth what get into world hegemony and aliance with France and Hungary. In this world Paris, Warsaw and Budapest invaded Germanic states and don't them unity. After that Commonwealth and aliances invaded Russia BUT in summer. In winter there stop offensive and start again in May. In this way Russian empire collapsed. Romanows defended there crown in North-East Asia but there lost 90% of there land. In Petesburg is now Republic of Russia and in Moscau is a Commonwealth puppet. Siberia was stronger state of fallen Russia but after some time russians what wanted to by in Russia but in Romanow empire or Russian Republic start uprising and get there own country.Commonwealth, France and Hungary finaly started a conquering all World to get Hegemony. In that moment China colapsed. What will Happend next? Tou will see...

But I nedd help so please join my server:https://discord.gg/pHu2RR8g

Mode Name: CommonPower

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