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Chairman Baad

đŸŽ¶ Sabaton Soundtrack from HoI4

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This is a recreation of the Sabaton Soundtrack DLCs for Hearts of Iron IV. The loading and console music are the normal songs from Kevin MacLeod. Everything else is Sabaton songs.

PC (.zip) - Android (.obb)

The original DLCs from HoI4 are here and here.

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6 hours ago, RapidestJarl635 said:

@Chairman Baad What do you do with the file once you download it? (Android)

There's a directory called /Android/obb/age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz. Place the file in there and rename it to main.4.age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz.

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    • By Chairman Baad
      Soundtracks! They shape the atmosphere of a mod and can control the emotion and tone of the player's game session. With many modders opting to replace the soundtrack of the base game (courtesy of Kevin MacLeod), actually getting new songs for the game can be very tedious. However, I have cracked the code of soundtrack creation and discovered 3 techniques to automate and simplify this otherwise time-consuming process.
      NOTE: This modding instruction assumes you're using Windows and have Notepad++ installed. If you don't have Notepad++, you can install it here.
      1. Using youtube-dl and FFmpeg to Download Playlists
      Let's begin with downloading songs! You're most likely going to grab songs from YouTube, in which case there are two special tools that can speed this up. There is an open-source YouTube downloader named youtube-dl which works from the command-line, meaning you need to run it from Command Prompt in order to use it. youtube-dl has many features for downloading video and audio, but the most useful one for creating a soundtrack would be the ability to download entire playlists. It also works with a media framework called FFmpeg to convert video and audio into other formats. By using both of these tools together, we can quickly download a set of videos in .ogg format without having to plug in so many video links into one of those shady online downloaders.
      To get started, download the latest version of youtube-dl from here and create a new folder on your desktop. Next, FFmpeg's website only provides source code, so you'll want to look here for the compiled programs. Make sure to get the version marked full, not essentials. Once you've downloaded youtube-dl and FFmpeg, drag the files to the folder you just created and rename the extracted FFmpeg folder to "ffmpeg".
      Now, open Command Prompt and type the following:
      cd Desktop\[folder name] And replace [folder name] with the name of the folder you created. Now, you need to find a playlist. For an AoH2 mod, I recommend search terms like "epic trailer music" or "strategy game soundtrack" since it's what most modders usually go for. Once you've settled on a playlist, go back to Command Prompt and paste this command:
      youtube-dl -f "bestaudio" -o "%(title)s.%(ext)s" --restrict-filenames [playlist url] -x --audio-format "vorbis" --ffmpeg-location ffmpeg\bin It may look intimidating, but don't panic. All this command does is download the audio from each video in the playlist with a compatible file name for AoH2 and then convert each audio file to the .ogg format. Simply replace [playlist url] with the link to the playlist you've chosen (you can get the link by right clicking on the playlist name and looking for "Copy link address" in Chrome or "Copy Link Location" in Firefox) and run this command. Once you do that, all the files from the playlist you chose will be downloaded and converted into a music file you can use in AoH2.
      2. Editing an Age_of_Civilizations File
      This step deals with making your music files play in AoH2 itself. See, Age of History 2 uses files named "Age_of_Civilizations" (a relic of the game's previous identity) to store lists of game elements like civilizations and scenarios. If something doesn't appear in Age_of_Civilizations, it won't show up when you go to play the game. AoH2's music folder contains 3 files of interest: an Age_of_Civilizations file, Impact_Allegretto.ogg, and Scheming_Weasel.ogg. Impact_Allegretto.ogg is the music you hear whenever you start the game, while Scheming_Weasel.ogg is the music you hear while using the console.
      To use your new music files in AoH2, first delete all the files in the AoH2 music folder except for the 3 files I just mentioned. Next, drag all the audio files you got from YouTube into the music folder. Now, you need to open the Age_of_Civilizations file in Notepad++ and delete everything in it. After that, you'll want to open Command Prompt again. This time, you'll want to type:
      cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoCII\music This is the location for vanilla AoH2. A lot of mods will rename "AoCII" to something different, so just replace "AoCII" to whatever the mod directory is named. But anyway, once you've done that, run the dir command. This will list each file in the music folder and allow you to copy all the file names at once. Hold down ALT and drag over each file name until all the file names are selected, then copy them and paste them into Notepad++. Then you need to remove Age_of_Civilizations, Impact_Allegretto.ogg, and Scheming_Weasel.ogg from the list. On the very last item in the list, you'll want to add a semicolon at the end. Then, hit Ctrl+A to select the list, Ctrl+J to join all the items into one line, and Ctrl+F to bring up the Find and Replace tool. Click on Replace, put a space in the "Find what" box and a semicolon in the "Replace with", hit Replace All, and you're all set to use your new soundtrack in AoH2. Just don't forget to save!
      3. The Hidden Power of .obb Files
      This one is specific to Android, but it can save your players a ton of storage space, which is a big deal for people who have issues installing mods on their phones. Open MT Manager, tap on "Android", and then on "obb". You'll notice a folder named "age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz". If you have mods installed, you'll see a similarly named folder for each mod you have. If there aren't any folders, you can create one and name it age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz. If you open the folder, you may see an .obb file which contain the soundtrack for your mod. If not, that's OK! You can download my recreation of HoI4's Sabaton Soundtrack and use that. But if you see an .obb already in the folder, take note of the file name, "main.4.age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz". You can swap the .obb that gets loaded by renaming it to that string.
      Now comes the part where you add your soundtrack to an .obb file. After downloading your AoH2 music folder from your PC to your phone (whether it's by USB, by cloud storage, or whichever way you typically use), open the .obb with "ZIP Viewer", open the "music" folder inside it, and delete everything except Age_of_Civilizations. Now open your downloaded music folder and select everything inside. Prepare to add everything from your own music folder to the music folder in the .obb. Set the level to "Storage" and keep "Replace all" as the update mode, and then hit OK. Once that's finished, exit the .obb and rename it to main.4.age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz if needed. Or if you're working with a mod, name the .obb file main.4.[whatever the folder for the mod is called]. And with that, you've successfully ported your soundtrack to Android without touching any ay-pea-kays! If using "Storage" as the level does not work, try using "AРK mode".
      If you want to use someone else's .obb file in AoH2, simply go to Android/obb/age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz and overwrite the .obb in there with the one you downloaded.
    • By macabreconqueror
      Mc poze do rodo is a brazilian funk musician who made a lot of - in my opinion - good songs, in the process became a meme.
      There's a soundtrack I made to the game with a playlist from youtube.
      Não preciso dizer quem é o mc poze do rodo, né?
      Bom, aqui eu posto a playlist de mc poze que eu tirei do youtube para colocar no jogo.
    • By The Player
      Hearts of iron II Soundtrack

    • By sabit
      preview video
      Download Link:
      Not all soundtrack
      update soon
      Mod is update!
      Update Download link
    • By Chexier
      Tired of hearing the same McLeod music over and over again? Do you want to hear REAL music from a REAL heavy metal band? I've got you covered.
      This music mod currently includes the Sabaton soundtrack for HOI4. I plan on adding more soundtracks in the future.
      Download SMM
      To install this mod, you will need to backup your music directory, then delete it and replace it with the "music" folder included in the .zip file.
      Disclaimer: I do not own any of the music included this mod. All the rights goes to Sabaton.
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