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About editing terrain types and growth rate

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    • By vendex_thegreatest
      To demonstrate this bug, im going to create a scenario in 5000 BC with population at 65,000 starting population and 32,000 starting economy.
      Im going to pinpoint on this specific province, "Sapna". there is 26367 people and 5012 economy along by 0.24 development.
      Now im going to cores, population and changing the province to 80% serbian and 20% bosniak.
      Now that this is saved in, the population of the province "Sapna" Has dropped significantly, losing more than 20,000 population. The population still remain predominantly bosniak when its not suppost to, and montenegrins weirdly make up a significant minority of 20% of the province now. So what just happened? @Łukasz Jakowski
      Please fix this bug as its destroying one base of the game that makes the game more fun for scenarios involving conflict.
      Thank you for reading, and please help me get this topic to the developers of the game, or to get people in contact with developers to help out.

    • By AlastorTSGW
      I keep trying to add civilizations to my game (PC, Steam) and I use the legit process, (Add Flag, add Tag, add correct info in Language file). My only issue is, if I add more than around 10 civilizations like this, it causes me to crash when I hit the play button (shown in picture). I can still edit/make scenarios, edit map stuff, add formables, and do everything else, but I can't actually play the game part of the game. If anyone has a fix or any info I'd greatly appreciate it!
    • By Waffz_The_Pancake
      A brand new variety of new terrains, with the plan being of adding 1 or more special terrain for each continent
      Vanilla Terrains have also been modified to increase there Importance, the whole reason this mod was made in the first place
      Download Link
      New Terrains are added into a separate map
      Current Special Terrains:
      Sahara Desert - Located in Africa, this area is not a very good area to live in. With its low growth rate and expensive movement cost making it a hostile place, although it may be useful as a blocker between rivals
      Tibetan Plateau - Asia Gets the Tibetan Plateau, Split into 2 Terrain types, the Edge and Flats. Edge gets a massive Defensive Bonus but a high upkeep and movement cost, Flats dont have this upkeep debuff but they also dont have the defensive buff either.
      Fertile Crescent - In the Middle East there is the fertile Crescent, A small area that provides a Good Growth Buff, Also Increasing the Province Value.
      Outback - In Oceania, Australia gets the Outback, not a good spot for growth but its decreased movement cost and Building cost can make it not a worthless area.
      Amazon Rainforest - In South America There is the Amazon Rainforest, A Decent Defense and Growth Buff but has a increased build cost and unit upkeep cost
      Siberia - In Russia, Siberia has quite a good Defensive Bonus but is a hard place to get through due to its increased unit upkeep and Movement costs
      Ardennes Forest - A Special Forest Terrain in Europe, The Germans in WW2 Used this forest to go around the Maginot Line. A Defensive Bonus but higher movement cost
      Rain land -  in Brittan there is the Rain Land, Supplying the Area with a good Growth buff with other minimal effects
      Plentiful Lakes - Canada Gets the Plentiful Lakes, Decent Growth and Defense Buff yet with a higher movement cost, Given to Canada due to them having the most lakes in the world
      Generic Terrains (New Terrains that aren't tied to one area)
      River - A Defensive Buff but higher movement cost, with a decent growth buff too
      Grand River - Mississippi River and Nile River are currently the 2 Grand Rivers in this mod. They Provide a very good Growth and Defensive Buff, with a higher movement cost, Both River Terrains give a Bonus to province value
      More of my work can be found on my Discord: https://discord.gg/RNyhhkBxfJ
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