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Age of Civilizations

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    • By Lonathan
      Recently there have been an extreme influx of Spaniards in the forums to the point where certain Spanish users are some of the most popular members on the forum, so as a Muslim I have decided to make it my duty to declare  
    • By Lonathan
      Accurate enough.. 

    • By Lonathan
      Low effort but kek 

    • By Lonathan
      Pretty simple make supply lines more prominent and better because at the moment supply lines honestly have zero affect on the game sometimes they do damage but you have to mess up really hard for that to happen so here's my suggestion 
      -If an army gets surrounded that army has a certain number of turns to get out or it dies, the number of turns can vary on easy: 3-4 Turns Hard:1-2 turns, Etc
      -You have to have a port to make a sea landing, That way enemies don't land in the middle of nowhere and Surprise you 
    • By Lonathan
      I have only made one story but whatever 
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