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Fall of Rome(Historical Story)

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This was partially inspired By @goktug14 Serbia story (It's really good Btw) But this time Instead of Fiction I'm going to talk about real History!

YES I'm going to Talk about the fall of Rome in Historical Detail! 

This will be accompanied by screenshots from the game And I'm very excited about doing This! 

Timeline:From the fall of Rome (476) all the way up until the fall of constantinople (1453)

First episode will be released in 2-3 weeks (I am currently in the process of buying a book that will help me to make this project)



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Ever since it's Height as an empire in 117 AD( under the rule of Trajan) The Roman empire had been on a constant State Of decline it had suffered Decades of civil wars, Wars, and incursions by Germanic (And many Other Tribes) In 284 Diocletian Seized power Declaring himself Emperor One of the first things he did Was split Rome in two Keeping the East to himself and giving the Western part of the empire to his colle (and son in law) maximian this was done by Diocletian Because he thought the empire had simply grown too big ever since the Emperor Trajan Had gotten Rome to the Height of it's power,but after Trajan's Death (In August of 117 AD) The Emperors That Succeded him were not Nearly as powerful and competent as him the empire had been Suffering from a lack of taxes and the weakening of the army, This however paid off Because the roman empire was now technically Two Empires They No longer had to stretch the troops to their maximum because each side could have their own respective Army and could fight off intruders (such as the afformentioned Tribes) And could also put down Rebellions much more easily, In 239 AD Diocletian Decided to fix the problem of succession He decided that he and maximian Should chose their own senior Emperors that should take their position 

Diocletian chose Galerius while maximian chose Constantius

These were however not full Emperors Diocletian and maximian Were still both an Augustus They did not however just stand idle waiting for their deaths they were just as busy as the two Emperors and they two managed the many problems of the empire 

Despite the success of Diocletian The Problems that plagued the empire were still there the Danube river in particular still posed a lot of problems for Diocletian however he would get a long desired peace after campaigning along the empire in 286 AD He spent the rest of his years fighting off intruders and in particular the Persians who he defeated in 289 AD and 292 AD respectively 

So here our story stops with Rome plagued With many Enternal (and external) However still living under the reign of Diocletian who would live the rest of his life ruling Rome until his death in 311 

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