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A couple of suggestions for innovations in AOH3:

Colonization:It needs to be changed. In the last part of the game, when you created a new city (for example, in empty America), a small population spawned. The population in such settlements is 5-10 times less than in already generated settlements. It is extremely difficult to raise such cities to the same European level. Therefore, in the new part of the game you can make colonization more realistic. For example, in Europe there is a city with a population of 100 thousand people, and there is a new colony with 10 thousand people. It can be done using a system of calls, where people would be encouraged, for example, 10 thousand out of 100 thousand. And then you move them. This can also be done with the colonization system to transfer the population from large cities to mines (into colonies). And already there they were disbanded, so that all 10 thousand residents of this city.


A separate peace: I believe that what can be done so that the country can sign peace with the enemy without depending on the opinions of the allied countries. In the last part of the game, the moments when you were at the peak and you had the best conditions for signing peace were very infuriating. But when you sign an offer to sign peace, the union state refuses to sign it. And then the initiative passes to the enemy, where he ultimately recaptures part of the territories until the forces of the parties become equal and the front freezes. Even so, the allies will still refuse to sign a peace treaty. While my soldiers are dying, the ally may not suffer any losses at all. And this can go on for a very long time. I think that signing a separate peace should be in play, but for balance, make signing it difficult and with big consequences. For example, deterioration of relations with allies. As for the difficulty of signing such a separate agreement.....l haven't come up with anything here yet.


Trade: The problems with current trading are obvious, because essentially you can trade with other changes by country: gold and bonuses. That is, you can either give gold to another country (they definitely won't give you money), or exchange money, for example, for the right of passage for an army. There is too little that can be used in trading. It would be cool to add other things to the game. For example, add useful natural resources. You can also make a system of loans and give them to other countries.Everyone can repay their loans in any way. If a country is in very large debts, then it can be paid off, for example, with territories. 

Natural resources: It is worth discussing more about them. Obviously this will be a very big innovation. Look, these are at least trade items. But why do we need them? Let's start with the fact that depending on the era there will be conditionally its own resources. After all, it is obvious that, for example, talking about petroleum in 1400 is not a good idea. Some kind of wood would probably be suitable here. But it's also necessary to let the system move from the same timber trade to petroleum. How to mine? You can add a special building for resource extraction. For the same wood, you need to build a sawmill, and for petroleum production - oil well. Partly, it is now worthwhile to construct a building not only from the point of view of gold (money), but also from resources. For example, the construction of an oil well: 10 thousand gold and 10 tons of iron. This should also apply to other buildings, including any fortresses. There is a stone or something else, or several materials at once. But a certain rarity of resources is needed. We have different maps in the game: political, geographical and others. We add a conditional new map where resources are shown. Although it is not necessary to make this card visible to the player. You can make natural resources appear on the map in some random way. Since the player does not see where the resources are, he needs to study the area for their presence for money.


Here the player's own personal map appears, where the resources found by the player are already marked and will be marked. Or you can make sure that the map is not personal for each country (general), but make sure that if other countries find resources, they would also be marked on the map. Let the spawn of resources be in the form of ore veins, that is, so that most of the map would be, for example, without the presence of iron, but there would be some spots of different sizes with their presence. The real question is: should useful resources be separated from each other or can there be several useful resources in one city at once? In the case of the latter option, it is worth making subsections in the map of useful resources, where each resource will be shown separately. Now it's worth discussing how rich the country will be in these resources. It is obvious that some territories are very rich in one resource or another, while other territories are only slightly rich. It is worth making the degrees of wealth of cities (territories). From 0 to 3. 3- a lot of resources, 2 average, 1 - few, 0 - none. Also, how to extract resources depends on this figure. You can do this: 3 - production is easy, as they say: poke a stick in the sand and you'll find petroleum; 2 - you need to build more advanced buildings for mining; 1 - since there are few resources here, expensive upgrades of buildings are needed. If a country has few any resources, then these resources can be purchased from other countries.


Music: The music in the alpha is good, but I suggest, if possible, adding a little separate music for each country (or region). Conventionally, there will be a tab where you can switch the music either to general (classic soundtracks that will be available for any state) or to specific regional soundtracks. And during the game for certain states, you will receive new tracks in the form of achievements.


Population growth: in certain parts of the state. I think we need to add the ability to allocate certain provinces so that the population grows there faster than in others. The same thing needs to be done with the economy.


Viruses and diseases: I think their mechanics can be improved by adding medicine in some form. It is obvious that in different eras people die differently from viruses; once in the Middle Ages, a lot of people died from the plague, once not so many, for example, from coronavirus. I think we need to make some viruses tied to a specific time frame. Also, in infected provinces you need to add your own debuffs depending on the disease. But also to enable states to fight them using both passive and active methods. Passive method (example): the country is extremely closed, remote, does not trade with anyone, and has no diplomatic relations. Active method (example): to provide the opportunity for certain resources, buildings (hospital), technology, to create medicines and vaccines that will reduce the consequences of the epidemic. Wars should increase the likelihood of epidemics. I think that it would be good if the already mobilized warriors could either die from viruses or become weaker. They also need to be equipped with medicines or something similar. Atomic bombings will create a new disease radiation. It can be implemented as a temporary local disease in certain provinces.


Alliances: If there are varieties of warriors or weapons in the game, then in alliances of countries where one country is at war, the other can either also declare war on the enemy, or send military support to an ally without participating in the war. The ability to write and edit the name of the alliance, the ability to create an alliance flag. In many ways, this should be decided by a vote of states, internally. Of course, alliances need to be thought through, write ideas.

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