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Hello! On video portraying state of game in march we could've notice many things same as not notice other things like Difficulty level when starting a campaign.


Personally I believe Difficulty levels are a must in this game to make the gameplay harder and more challenging or easier and calmer. Difficulty system could be based on 5 difficulties from Very Easy to Very Hard with normal in between, each of these would give player various buffs and debuffs, that wouldn't apply to civilisations managed by AI. For example 

Very Easy:  

  • +20% army attack and defense 
  • +30% income from taxation
  • +1 legacy point monthly
  • +10% manpower limit
  • +15% manpower gain
  • -10% General and advisor cost
  • -3% unrest in all provinces 
  • +10% production income


  • +10% army attack and defense
  • +10% income from taxation
  • 0.2 legacy points monthly
  • +5% manpower limit
  • +10% manpower gain
  • -5% General and advisor cost
  • +5% production income


Normal: No buffs or debuffs, plain gameplay



  • +15% Army maintenance cost
  • -5% Income from taxation
  • -0.2 legacy points monthly 
  • +20% General and advisor cost
  • -25% Manpower gain
  • -10% Production income 

Very Hard:

  • +25% Army maintenance cost
  • -15% Income from taxation
  • -0.7 legacy points monthly
  • +50% General and advisor cost
  • -40% Manpower gain 
  • -10% Manpower limit
  • -5% Production income
  • +1% Unrest in all provinces 
  • -5% Army attack and defense 



Much more could be changed and modified for example addition of aggressive expansion (assuming it'll be in game, as it was in translation file to translate) and creation of modifier that'd affect it's growth depending on difficulty level, or higher/lower liberty desire for subjects under player's rule.


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