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One thing that I desperately want in this game is Newspaper which report events both generic and non-generic, player-made and non-player made, it would be fun to see our actions described by newspapers just like in Victoria 2.

Newspapers will report on events like:

1. Politics: The prime option, newspapers will report articles regarding diplomacy, treaties, wars, concessions and crises.

2. Natural disasters: Newspapers can also report on natural disasters such as Hurricanes, Droughts, Fire, Sandstorms which affect a region of a country or some events like plagues which can possibly affect whole world.

3. Historical events: Depending on scenarios Newspapers can report also on historical events that have happened in real life, such as Treaty of Versailles, Invasion of Poland, Suez Crisis (etc. etc.)

For Example:

images (1).jpeg

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you just got liked by łukasz himselfs.

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