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    • By DenizMert2008
      i'll create scenario in few days which is year ad 1571 in this year crimea got so much power
    • By LegAbyss
    • By Ilovethisgame2
      Is white horde named nogai in the game?
      Because I cant find it.
      Or maybe Lukasz didnt add it?
    • By Ilovethisgame2
      1316 Scenario
      Update 1(MASSIVE!!):
      Added Southeast Asian countries                                                              Added Southeast Asian tribes                                                                      Added African Tribes                                                                                     Added Poland                                                                                                  Added ainus                                                                                                     Added Oceania Tribes                                                                                    Added İndian countries(they were united and called indian tribes    before)   Fixed some borders                                                                                         
      Update 2(MASSIVE!!):
      Remade the whole map of the world                                                         Added lots of tribes to americas                                                                Added buganda,fixed anatolia,north africa,india,central asia and        europe borders.                                                                                              
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