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Game needs online multiplayer

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This game is seriously in need of a multiplayer option where players can use chat to text and role play interactions with one another. Imagination is limitless and i believe this game can attract a larger audience of strategy enthusiasts. The game template is currently super simple and thats great because players can mould the world as they see fit.

I used to play a game called Warlight (now called Warzone) on IOS that had a similar template to AOC but the developers altered the fundamental sandbox nature of the game by adding unnecessarily complex rules and mechanics that did not add anything to the gameplay. I no longer play Warlight because i feel that the sandbox, authentic feel of the game died the day the devs over complicated a simple game.

I really hope that this game gets multiplayer and custom maps with text chat rooms both private and public to generate that beautiful Diplo gameplay that i know and love.  

Thanks for reading and have a happy new year


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1 hour ago, Ànex i Rux said:

If i have to wait the rest of the players to move, games will be ETERNAL 

I quess you haven't played Heroes of might and magic yet 😛

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