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Age of History 3

Have you achieved world conquest? How?

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I have conquered as much as whole Europe and Africa with Russia but never gone as far as World Conquest. Generally the game starts showing its worst bugs at late game so I stop playing too late. Have you done a World Conquest? And if you did, what strategy did you use?

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On the 300 province world map, yes.

but on the 4000 province, definitely not. Is my advice still helpful? Probably not, but I am willing to provide.

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I usually play till I have dominance over a continent or a region of it in case of Asia and have the no. 1 rank. After that the game isn't quite as interesting anymore as no one can challenge you. Even when several of my vassals rebel at once, it doesn't take too long to crush them and regular rebellions are pathetic. At most you can have some annoyances but nothing threatening.

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51 minutes ago, davidtjk said:

bruh is easy patience and i think you pc is bad (i mean not too good ) and i think is diplomacy bug ?

its the game,the game is bad optimized in some ways,however some pcs can go further then other but there is end

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It was in the mod addon + with russia: 3 it was not very complicated, you just have to be a rat and get into every conflict between giant. (in case they ask you, do not use unions)

With Greece I conquered almost the whole world but I made the mistake of focusing on "my things" I ended up with all of Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa but the USA took all of North America (not to be confused with Central America) and what did I do? Attack? Improve relationships? I did NOT put her in a war against all the rest of America and the USA won ...

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