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Age of History 3

Population/Economic Boost

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Population Boost

Create a new tab which allows immigrants or new population to be added in

1. It would increase population until a percent of your choosing province instability. Basically letting strangers into your province. The Trade off would be the province would be unstable and you would need to assimilate the new population.

2. Allow provinces to migrant their populations to another province of your choosing.

Basically shifting the population to a province you want. For example your capital.

The con of this is that you can make a province have a population of 50k-70k and it make it highly valuable so if you are at war they would try to go after that province.

Economy Boost

1.Use the population to create the economy. 

Makes zero sense but hey it's numbers.

Example, for every 3 population you can make 1 economy.

Cons, lower population less army to build.


I hate how this game doesn't try to expand on trade.

Allow the option to trade with other nations. 

Trade population for economy or Gold for economy 

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