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Wanting to change the maximum growth rate in the game code, how would I do it?

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I am modding AoH and I want the world to have realistic population so I need higher growthrate in the growth rate editor than 100. I have tried looking into the games code but I just couldnt find it. Any help would be needed.

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If you want realistic population you can make events which add population to provinces.
I don't know how to increase the growth rate cap, but I don't think that you'll need higher growth rate than 100%

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You need to open Ages.JSON. You can find it in the game's files under game folder. You can open it using notepad or any other text editor program. When you go into Ages.JSON, you will find the following codes on every age category.

In the first age of the game  ( AgeofCivilizations ),  the codes as i mentioned will have these values: 
            POPULATION_GROWTH: 0.03875,
            ECONOMY_GROWTH: 0.00685,
            DEVELOPMENT_LEVEL_INCREASE: 0.01125,

Modify these values as you would like, but be careful not to change the values too dramatically high as the game will be crazy lol. You will need to edit the values on every age category on the file, and Remember to save the file!

i dont now how to add population to province but i search this in forum maybe this gonna help

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