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9 hours ago, Evidential said:


I officially declare the ending of the Modern Day + Mod.

The Mod Will Be Discontinued Due to the Fact That I Have Been Busy In a Micro-National War. Sorry to All the Supporters of the Mod.

Looks like I've won.

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On 1/25/2019 at 3:02 AM, Shiite said:

A new "Great War" has started on the discord over some city pictures, so I decided to make a registry for the wars, and their respective victors

Great Lonathan-Shiite War of 4th-6th of January 2019 (commonly know as the The Great War)

Participants: @Shiite, @Lonathan, @ITurkishmapping, @($Jake$)

Victor: Shiite

Wersjon-Shiite War of 11th of January 2019 (commonly known as the One-Hour War)

Participants: @Wersjon, @Shiite

Victor: Shiite

Modern day + v Present Day

Participants:  @Chexier@Evidential

Victor: Chexier

Great Turkish Rebellion 

Participants: @Lonathan, @ITurkishmapping

Victor: Lonathan

Great Vis-Chexier Discord War

Participants: @Chexier, @Vis Tacitus, @Hiking1, @enexpi, A unity Dev, НанерХ, Raiderknight

Victor: Ongoing

War Stats:

Longest: The Great War ( technically it's Modern day + v Present Day, but there is never continual fighting, so I rank The Great War above it)

Shortest: One-Hour War

Most Prolific Victor: Shiite (2-0)

Most Prolific Loser: ITurkishmapping (0-2)

I'll do a scenario of this beautiful shit

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