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Hearts of AoH2: Plus Edition

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Hello, I'm TheRaj. First of all I wanted to make a mod but I saw that its game (eu4, hoi4, vic2) has a mod. So I decided to make a fashion mod and chose it as Hearts of AOH2. So I'm going to make a fan mode to Hearts of AOH2. By the way, I got permission from Simon. Don't worry about that. Ask what will be the features of this mod is written below.

• 40 New Scenarios

• 250 Events (for World War 1, World War 2, Cold War, Modern World, 1907,1913, 1910 scenarios)

• 700 New Civilizations

• New and correct leaders.

• New music and sounds.

• Unions packages for all languages.

• New color palettes.

• New sections and skins for the flag editor.

• New focus trees.

• Correctly and beautifully set borders and powers.

• New game logo.

• PC and mobile compatible versions

• New background.

• New icons.

• A better, more fun, more challenging gaming experience.


TheRaj - Main Developer

Eric Cartman Gaming - Scenarist

quatroNN - Scenarist


NOTE: We are open to suggestions.

Edited by TheRaj

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8 hours ago, Varguista Anônimo said:

Turkish comunity mod power 😂

Anyways, i wish you all luck.

Yes, Turks have improved a lot in modding these days.

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10 hours ago, TheRaj said:

Scenarist wanted for the mod.


Discord: TheRaj#1029

Please contact those who can make a scenario. Because it is very important for the mod, I don't want the mod to delay. If the scenarist is not found, the exit time of the mod may take another 1-2 months. So it can come out in 3-4 months.

Edited by TheRaj

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17 minutes ago, Kerems2434 said:

Nice to see the Turkish modders are so active at these days! Good luck 😄 

Yes, thanks. ☺️

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