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RELEASE DATE: JUNE 27! | Gathering Storm 1936 (HOI4 STYLE) - A Conqueror´s II mod ✠

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Hi! I'm new to the forum, and taking advantage of the update 1.5 of my favorite mod of this game, I wanted to start a scenario very similar to that of Hearts of Iron IV from 1936, unlike the rest, I will imitate the branches of approach, both political and specific to each nation.

-Sorry I didn't make any news on the development of the game, but here it is. It's just a few days to go and only minimal things are missing like completing civilizations with some leaders, checking important events, and nothing else!

☏ Creator of the MOD: BaronVon016
☏ Creator of Conquerors II: Kerem Yılmaz

Join our Discord server!
➥ https://discord.gg/fJX6QHVSjn

This mod will have:
➢ Focus trees for much of Europe. - In process...
➢ Own color palette. 

➢ New and Custom HUD 
➢ Custom Font. 
➢ Custom design to box of events ✔ 
➢ +70 events per almost european country 
➢ New sounds (From Hearts Of Iron IV). 
➢ New background music. ✔ (I accept suggestions for more background music)
➢ New cursor. 
➢ New icons available ✔ 
➢ Leaders for each ideology. - This implementation is suspended until the 4th update of Conquerors.
 Intelligence agency system for communist, fascist and some major countries
➢ New background menu

Countries that will have focus trees:
-UK (United Kingdom)

Rusia (Soviet Union)

Countries that will have focus trees in future game updates:


❖ Note: -I wrote this with the help of the translator-
☛ I used a map created by Nationalism Is Strength






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