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Death of the Fatherland
                                                                                                                   Join the discord! ->

Death of the Fatherland is a upcoming mod for AoC2 which imagines a different timeline during WW1, where the Agadir Crisis sparked it and Japan joined the Central Powers. The beta will contain content for the RSSF, Westphalia, and Prussia as well as skeletons for France, the UK, and Italy, and Spain and other smaller nations. Expect most of the content in this update to be focused around Europe.


1871: German Unification
1889: Boulangists take control of the Government declaring the 4th French
1899: Philip VIII is crowned King of the French due to demand from the Monarchist factions in the government
Russo Japanese War: 8 February 1904 - 28 November 1907 
Germany embarks on unrestricted warfare in the Atlantic to hinder USA's contribution the Entente
Agadir Crisis:
1911: Moroccan Rebellion beginsDiscord Link
French Troops quickly arrive to put down the rebellion
Germany demands compensation
France refused and began causing chaos in the German stock market
Germany launches naval blockade
France declares war
Italy and Austria, Spain join the Germans side
United Kingdom stays neutral
Russia joins France despite popular resistance
Japan joins the central powers on the condition that Germany give up much of its pacific holdings
December 8, 1911: Germany launches the Schlieffen plan and invades Belgium and the Netherlands
December 12 1911: United Kingdom declares war on Germany
Belgium falls but the Netherlands manages to hold on
1912: Frontline on the west stall
Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Greece declare war on the Ottomans triggering the first Balkan War
Austria declares war on Serbia after discovering a Serbian telegram to France asking to join the Entente
The Balkan League joins the Entente
The Ottomans join the Central Powers
Romania declares war on Austria
Russian lines collapse and Germany enters Kiev
French capture Barcelona, and Zaragoza is captured shortly after
October 24, 1913: Petrograd Revolt
Germany advances deep into Ukraine, Byelorussia, and the Baltics
Germany consolidates its lines
November 12, 1913: Russia unofficially leaves the war as it has lost all forms of central government
Germany begins preparing its industry for a quick offensive towards Paris
Central Powers begin relocating its divisions from Russia towards the West
Ottomans lose control of Jerusalem
Spain surrenders due to popular unrest and separatism and a armistice is signed
Battle of Verdun starts with over 100 divisions on both sides
Battle of Verdun ends leaving almost 1.5 million soldiers dead combined
Germany begins heavily bombing French industry in preparation of the 1916 spring offensive
Small movements from both sides
Germany embarks on unrestricted warfare in the Atlantic to hinder USA's contribution the Entente 

1916 Spring Offensive begins in the western front with German Forces using up much of Germany's resources, industry and manpower reaching the outskirts of Paris
Battle of Paris begins with German soldiers starting to mutiny against the government on the Homefront
Battle of Paris ends with a Entente Victory and the German army is beginning to be pushed back by the French
Brussels is liberated by French, American, And British troops
May 30th: The Central Powers surrender. The Treaty of Versailles is signed dissolving the Kingdom of Italy, Germany, and Austro-Hungarian Empire

1919: The exhausted Entente army decides to sign a armistice with Japan allowing them to keep their gains in the Pacific 


Progress Report:
Civilizations: 20%
Flags: 9%
Ideologies: 100%
Events: 2%
Map: 100% (but will be subject to change before beta)
Leaders: 6%

                                                                                       Here are the completed teasers so far

                                                                                  Ideologies (Credit to DBK)

                                                                                  Starting situation of Russia in 1933

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