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Something new is coming soon!  

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  1. 1. I am thinking of making a scenario that starts from 1700 to 2022, I think that would be a good idea, would you like a scenario with

    • many events. Example, many events for each country (tribes are not included. It will take longer)
    • a scenario with main events such as the proclamation of independence of Brazil, the American war of independence, the division of Poland-Lithuania, the French revolution...
    • a scenario without events, very simple.

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Choose how you want my next scenario!


Comment in this thread your ideas for this scenario or for possible projects further down the road!


(Warning!!) : I will leave this poll open until the 12th of this month, after that I will work on the mod!

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1 hour ago, Idkwhattonamemyself said:

Eu adoraria muitos eventos, mas será no celular

A propósito, uma ideia legal de mod


I will develop first for computer, after that I will try to upload all the files in the mobile --- editor...

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37 minutes ago, Chairman Baad said:

Parece haver um limite de 650 eventos que você pode adicionar antes que o cenário comece a quebrar e falhar. A P&C italiana aprendeu isso da maneira mais difícil, então tome cuidado com os acontecimentos, certo?

Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know about the existence of an event limit, I appreciate it!

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On 13/10/2021 at 07:26, Mr.Anti-Lolicon said:

Hello to everyone interested in my mod so far! I'm already starting work on it, don't worry, I estimate a beta version available ready before the end of the month!


Age of the Emperors is an aoc2 mod, which has more modern scenarios and set from the 20th century, but has the focus from 1300 to 1945, which was the time of the great empires and monarchies, from 1945 came the cold war and kind of the monarchy and empire that emerged, is not interesting for this mod.


- Will there be events for more current scenarios?

Yes! A great part of the community expects a mod full of scenarios and events, something innovative, and this is what Age of Emperors seeks to bring, because more than having the focus on older data, I will work with current scenarios to please at least a large part of the community and everyone who was waiting for the mod!


- Você pretende criar um mundo específico seu com províncias, tipos de terreno e continentes para que o mod se torne originalmente seu?

Sim, usar um padrão de jogo básico não é algo de que gosto muito, mas terá que ser assim na versão beta, mas planejo mudar mais tarde!


O mod estará aberto para você decidir e comentar suas ideias!


algumas fotografias...











here is the mod topic

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