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perhaps maybe an election and political party system? (also more in depth governments & autonomy settings & states)

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it'd be cool if there was an election system for some countries

like u could decide which countries had elections too + also adding in political parties would be EPIC AF

also maybe add in more in depth governments like idk

like OH maybe add in like subsections of ideologies like say for an example an absolute monarchy would be BASICALLY the same as a monarchy but like still different and also like these ideologies in these groups could like have better relations with eachother than other countries just because of their governments, idk just a suggestion

also it would be fr epic if u could create ur own states like, states as in a collection of provinces, like say for an example back to that more in depth government thing like maybe u could choose to have a federal, unitary, or confederal government and like with unitary states will have much MUCH less autonomy (unless you make them semi-autonomous) which means you'll get more out of them but at the same time revolutions are more likely to happen and with a federal government each state has a fair portion of autonomy but theres a lower chance of revolution and with confederalism each state was ALOT of autonomy but revolutions are gonna be rare. all this talk abt autonomy brings segway to my next and FINAL suggestion

perhaps like an autonomy system? like the more autonomous a province is the less stuff you get out of it but also the lesser likely it is to rebel or anything, and also say for an example like if a province is especially unhappy and is abt to rebel then u could just like grant it more autonomy no matter if you are a federal, unitary, or confederl government

anyways i hope you take this into consideration and thank you

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