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We have already talked a lot about the chance of setting our own events. Now, the majority of players know how to do it, but what about decisions in the game? I'm talking about general/global decitions (mainly related with economic, demographic or technologic prosperity, spending "X" amount of money), and some others single decisions depending on the country and the era you're playing with. At the moment, the onliy possible decisions of this kind are "formable nations", but there's an example:

General/global decisions: Great investment in technology, economy, population growth --- Devaluate coin (increases the treasury, but dicreases global economy efficiency) ---- Found an international art exposition ( it implicates a huge expense, but helps the player to increase relationship with neighbour countries) ----- Potence assimilation in ocuppied or recently annexed provinces (huge expense of money in difference of the classic way, but it would be faster) ----- Movilization! (in the beggining of the war, it would increase immediately the number of reclutable population, in return for less happiness and a greater expense in basic life products)

Special decitions: Germany/France/England/USA/Italy/URRS --> (WW2 scenario):

·Invest in social work (money expense)

·Quinquenal plans (just for communist countries)

·Overforced work (Just for fascist countries)

·Plan against de Maginot Line (just for Germany)

· Invest in army research (Fascist and Communist countries) ---> sounds strange, but it would be logical, as in the beggining of the war, the german army was farly more prepared than the allies, so it would give germany a huge advantatge against enemies, even if both sides have the same amount of trops.


These are just some suggestions I wanted to show, above all considering tha Lukazk hasn't appeared anywhere for a while. I'm sure that it would be much easier having our own steam workshop, but what can we do?.  I hope you agree with it. 

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