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Disregard this post. It is no longer of importance.

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I've heard a billion different answers that didn't even work and I'm getting tired of it. I just wanna be able to set AI aggressiveness to 0%. So how do you do it? I'm done searching through forum posts for the answer.

I need to know how you compile and decompile AoC2.exe. That's all. I'll handle the rest.

I found out how to do it. Never mind! :P

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I don't know how to decompile .exe, but you can decompile .jar file using IntellijIDEA or other java decompile programms. You need to find .class file using decompiling tool and place this file to IntellijIDEA workspace. For AI aggressivenes you need Menu_CreateNewGame_Options_v2.class, then try to find method with aggressivenes parametrs and modify it.

To compile this files you need to go Settings in upper right corner -> Project structure -> Artifacts then press "+" and select JAR -> empty. Then select in right window Compile output and save cnages. To build .jar you need to press Build button and select Build artifacts, then select your artifact and press build.

To transfer changes to game you need to open .jar file of game and .jar of your compile output and then replace in AoC classes you have changed. 

It's actually easier to find a video with decompiling tutorial in IntellijIDEA. Maybe I can made tutorial in forum to retell my small experience in this case.

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I'm not sure if this help, I'm a aoh2 player, which I kind of focus on mobile modding, such as changing the file inside, since I'm going to change the file inside, I'd firstly decompile the .AKA file in my PC with --- easy tool, if you want to decompile the file, simply click decompile, and I don't recommend "extract" as I didn't use before though. while done changing, compile back.

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