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Age of Civilizations
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Real ideologies logos

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On 2/14/2019 at 1:54 AM, Ramiro007 said:

I only speak english here because im not sure if we can talk spanish in this subforum(good joke,it reminds me of a friend of mine)

Traduccion - aqui ablamos igles por que si no somos ignorados y nadie nos entiende ;-; xD, El unico logo que no me gusta es el de vote ese ya lo cambio yo, PERO TODOS LOS LOGOS SON INCREIBLES (maselcomunistaporquesera?)

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    • By NotSoAmerican
      Development on this mod has changed. I am as of now the only dev on the mod besides from stuff Kelvin has introduced.Making it way harder than it was. I'll try to fit some of my freetime into this so it isn't "Dead" If you accutally wanna help join the new discord link I will be releasing new crowns and more ideologies. Sorry for slow production.
      Ideologies that are added                                                       
      Social Democracy
      Islamisc State, Republic, Theocracy
      Left Wing Radical
      Right Wing Radical
      Full Release : Beginning of 2020
      Status : Done (Isn't all the way done though)
      Version : 1.0.0
      Custom Ideologies are allowed first one being Maxism (From Kelvin)
      Way more ideologies, Crowns, and flags will be added in later versions
      Scenarios are being made the first should be out sometime between this week and next week
      Final version of the mod will be out around Third Quarter 2020.
      If I can the crowns will be coming out either Tomorrow 5:00 EST 
      also this is now freely used you can use this without having to put credits relating to me unless you want to!
    • By Nicolas_Utópico
      Ideologies inspired by a change in the heart of iron 4 called Kaiserreich
      -Social Democracy
      -libertarian socialism
      -Radical Socialist
      -Revolutionary Communism
      -National Populist
      -Paternal Autocracy
      -New image for democracy
      Download Link:
    • By Greater Bavarian Kingdom
      I made the ideologies of HOI4. A little warning if you use it:
      Older maps are damaged. For use this mod i only recommend  2 scenarios:
      Modern world
      World War 2
      more than other maps can also use these ideologies but I recommend only those 2. I am intending to make 2 versions of this mod, but a larger version is not yet ready. So I'll leave only a normal version
      Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u9S3e-FacTI8t9549XBe73OyAO7KY3zc/view?usp=sharing

      (remember to change the file name to "Governments")
    • By WolodyaRed21
      This mod is made for entertainment purposes and does not carry the purpose of offending someone else on religious grounds.
    • By setapdede
      Ideologies+ or Governaments+ is a mod that adds new ideologies to the game and adds new flags to all the nations
      Socialism Constitual-Monarchy Dictactorship Nationalist Islamist Federation Christian democracy Theocracy Anarchism Social Democracy Liberalism Conservatism Duchy Grand Duchy Principality Grand Principality Tsardom  

      Questions and Answers
      Q:Does this mod copy another idelogies mod?
      Q:Where can i download it?
      A:Currently is in Closed Alpha but in future might be a download
      Q:Does Coping comments get reported/deleted?
      A:I will do becuse i dint copy any another mod
      4/23/2019 - Added Grand Duchy, Grand Principality and Tsardom 3/28/2019 - Added Duchy and Principality 3/11/2019 - Added Anarchism, Social Democracy, Liberalism and Conservatism 3/2/2019 - Added Chirstian democracy and Theocracy 3/2/2019 - Added Constitual Monarchy, Dictatorship and Nationalist 2/7/2019 - Removed Empire and Kingdom Ideology 2/4/2019 - Added Empire and Kingdom Ideology 2/4/2019 - Released Ideologies+ to the public
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