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make diplomacy and military stuff more like HOI4

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in my opinion, the divisions dynamics and commanders should be introduced in the military field, while diplomacy should be revolutionized and be made as realistic as possible, HOI4 style. for example, in AOC2 you didn't really have as many diplomatic tools; only ultimatums or declarations of war. I'd love AOC3 to have more realistic diplomatic dynamics, as well as the national focuses like HOI4. One thing i'd like to be added (taken from HOI4) is the influence stuff, where you can increase your influence, give bailouts or financial/military support to other nations in order to increase your influence, as well as more "soft power stuff", like cultural influence, diplomatic pressure (without ultimatum or war), manipulating local politics, etc...

and also i'd love that the AI nations' grand strategy would be based off real life AND the national focus tree; for example, AI Russia in the modern day scenario basically has to secure its borders as far away from Moscow as I can, i.e. conquer Ukraine and Belarus at least, as well as expand into the hot seas, like the Mediterranean, thus needing serious influence in the black sea and turkish straits (affecting relations with turkey) and if i, as an example, forge ties with black sea nations such as romania or bulgaria, it worsens my relations with russia due to the influence stuff.

Or if AI Turkey goes turanist, it worsens relations with countries with significant turkic or muslim communities, and so on.

I would really love Lukasz to read and consider this.


Edit: I'd also add intelligence and espionage stuff, like the user can create an agency from scratch or modify an already existing one, and they'll have their respective political power; ex. if i play as USA i'll have the cia, fbi and nsa to deal with, but i can also create other agencies, send spies abroad, etc..

another thing i'd add is the various political parties in countries and the ability for the player to fund the one which better suits their interest.

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