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In AoC2 the UI of the game is in multiple folders, in multiple sizes, one for each size, this makes it quite a pain to make graphical mods, unless you make your own tool or find one that resizes images to all four sizes, it would be just a small quality of life thing but I'd be glad if the UI in AoC3 was just multiple big images scaled with each UI size increase.

If you need even better of an argument, it would also save space if you didn't have five of what is essentially "copies" of the same image files

So in summary: Could the UI in AoC3's files just be a bunch of big images to make modding less of pain and save space?

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23 hours ago, RostislavMerte said:

I think no, that would just make UI look pixelated as shiet. Just change H and XH, and ur done. The rest are simply non-usable unless your phone is the size of my dong. 

Antialiasing should be enough for it not to pixelate in theory

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