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Age of History 3

Disbanding/opening up elections and types of governments

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I think it would be an excellent idea to be able to have a way to cancel elections as a nation. Like if your nation were to elect a fascist government there could be a decision to cancel the next election or rig it by building secret police stations to clamp down on protests and opposition. But in contrast this could also lead to inflation, stability hits (if there ends up being a stability system) maybe event different research buffs and nerfs or there could even be more attempts of assassination towards the leader or generals if the government previously allowed elections. 


And on the flip side if you wanted to play in an alternate history path you could allow something like a monarchy become a constitutional monarchy. Or have it where a communist or fascist nation could elect a leader potentially but also have that said leader sway more towards one ideology or make diplomacy with particular great powers cost more or make your population angry. There's probably some different ways that it could be balanced but those are just some ideas, I'd love to hear feedback or thoughts on this


And for the custom mode it would be awesome if we could create our own forms of governments and be able to mess around with the different stats and perks of having said type of government. This could definitely help with the map editor especially. 

I'd love to hear some thoughts and feedback if possible!! But the game does look promising!!

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I wish there was an elections system in AOH3.

Employee as follows: Ideologies that can have elections: Democracy, Republic, Monarchy (Prime Minister)

Ideologies that cannot have elections: Communism, fascism.

How it would work: Every 4 years there would be elections in democratic countries, these leaders would have political parties for example (socialist party). The candidates who win the election will put their ideological line into practice, whether in the economy or in politics, that is, if a socialist wins the election he will bring socialist measures such as strong state regulation, limitation of private property, social assistance, etc. ...

Party based on the premise of going to communism if the candidate is re-elected many times. And this would affect how your country would fare in the game, in economic and budgetary terms (which could run into a deficit). Each ideology would have its pros and cons, and so on.

Medieval times - In medieval times, instead of being political parties, we could have interest groups or factions.

For example: Church, Intelligentists, bourgeoisie, armed forces and the people.

Each of these groups would have their own vision of what such a thing should be like in the country.

For example:

Church: Spread the maximum influence of your religion to the population. And with that they would be against the intelligentsia who would be in favor of the academy. In addition, the church would support a theocratic state with a strong influence of religion under the country's government.

Armed Forces: Their main interest would be for the government to place more military personnel throughout the country or within the government itself. All for the benefit of the Armed Forces. The advantage of this is that you would have the army on your side fully capable of destroying a rebellion.

People: Their interest would be to have a stable life with less taxes, otherwise they will rebel against the government.

Bourgeoisie: They would pursue policies that favor free markets, lower taxes for businesses, business-friendly regulations, and protection of private property. Additionally, they could seek influence to promote beneficial trade agreements and policies that stimulate economic growth.

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