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Diplomacy -

a vassal release model that includes the option to add it to an alliance.

possibility of threatening a country to leave an alliance or reduce its stability, the consequences could be opposite, making the nation stronger and prepared to attack the nation that threatened it.

sending volunteers or military aid to a country at a time of civil war, increasing relationships and strengthening ties.

ask or demand a change in ideology (cold war) so that the ideological side has more influence or good relations, also to grant prestige to the power of that ideology, for example, if France becomes communist, the Soviet Union suffers an increase Prestige. (I would suggest that the option to ask/demand to implement ideology is an option that is unlocked through the "Modern Diplomacy" technology with a minimum requirement of being in a ranking of the ten powers).

If two or more nations conquer an equivalent fraction of a nation, for example at the end of WW2, the nations that are allies may demand or suggest the creation of a new divided state of the nation that is not in their interests (example: Germany eastern and western.)

possibility of recognizing country, this for countries that were barely created and have less prestige.

trade routes. be able to establish trade routes with a country with a specific expense and benefit, if the country is very far away and has complicated terrain, the transportation cost will be greater than the profit, on the other hand, if it is directly on the border, the cost will be minimal and the profit equivalent to the product or resource being sold.

Just as trade routes can be created, they can be destroyed through war, if an enemy puts up an armada and blocks a trade route, then the nation will receive a crisis if the majority of its economy depends on the route.

a creation of a union separated by independent states (example, the Soviet Union), all countries involved will have the same civilization color (example, Red), the most influential and largest country will be able to control the countries of the Union (example, Soviet Republic Russian), if they fail to maintain the stability and interests of all the countries of the Union, the union will be dismantled (e.g., 1991, the fall of the USSR)

Resources -

energy/electricity - This resource is produced in nuclear power plants, sources of clean or polluting energy, the resource may be very prestigious at the beginning, later, it will be needed as a form of maintenance for buildings above a certain level indicating that they are already modern and finally, With the modern civil services law approved, energy will produce income as taxes depending on the amount of population and will generate expenses depending on demand and how much is produced.

creation of own factories of goods and services - Players will be able to create factories with goods created from resources, for example the image shown below:

Goods interface

the amount of resources necessary to produce that good and what resources are needed to make that good, the final value of a good is highlighted by the resources used, so the goods will be important materials when trading, they are not the same commercial in the national market to make it International, likewise the production of resources will be more important.

Factories should have an option to make a specific good or to make weapons.

If the factory is of a higher level or modern level, it will require energy to produce goods.

If the international market has many goods of the same type, the value will be reduced and so will the demand, other countries will also copy the production of the same product.

It could also suggest the possibility that goods can be used to create other goods, of course, the good used will have 10% of the original value to avoid expensive goods.

Bonus sugestión: If a building produces energy in a polluting manner, the population growth of the province will be reduced by a specific percentage depending on the number of polluting buildings.

Wars/battle -

Artillery will be able to attack a distant army (1 or 3 provinces) wearing down its army. just as modern infantry would begin to reduce enemy numbers once they are half a province close, thanks to rifles or tanks.

A nation may demand the disarmament of a nation's army, as well as demand access to the exploitation of national resources when the nation is a loser.

A nation can steal and destroy the technology of the losing nation, of course without going overboard.

A change of ideology or religion may be required once the war is over.

Once the demands are made, the player or the AI will be able to invent a name for the peace treaty. Example: Treaty of Versailles, Treaty of Guadeloupe, Treaty of Paris.

Units as tanks and airplanes will require Gasoline, not oil. so an oil refinery will be needed.

If a front has many troops, it will be necessary to open another front to be able to cross to conquer a country (Example France VS Germany ww1, ww2).

attrition due to terrain, if the army is in the Sahara, it will lose units little by little, if the army is in Tibet, it will also lose Units, as well as in Greenland, northern Scandinavia, northern Russia, central Australia, the Amazon, the Sonora Desert, northern Canada, Alaska, Nevada, central Africa (for malaria, if you don't have modern medicine technology), the Middle East, and even Central Asian countries from Afghanistan to Kazakhstan.



Thanks for reading, I will write more ideas that come to mind in this post every day. Please personally forgive my bad English.

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Diplomacy/resources - 

Idea unlikely to be in the game: If the nation sells a massive total of between 100%-300% of resources in a year/day/month/week or two years, the price of the resources will decrease in an exaggerated way according to the demand for it, which will depend on the flow of the need of other countries to use it for something specific.

laws -

new laws like:

 |  Immigration law 

  Borders -

Isolated borders: 

Description: The borders are heavily guarded by the government.

-5% Population non native per month, +5% Stability, +10% happiness, +4% Economy.

Regulated Borders:

Description: The borders have moderate passive-aggressive surveillance.

-2% Population non native per month, +3% Stability, +8% happiness.

Passive border forces:

Description: The borders are passively policed.

-- Population non native per month, +1% Stability, +4% happiness.

Open Borders:

Description: The borders are open to everyone, any civilian can enter and leave.

+5% Population non native per month, -4% Stability, -1% happiness.


Tax Laws -

[Set resource Tax]↓

Low tax || medium Tax || High Tax || extreme tax||


Monetary reform -

gold Standar: Cash will be backed by gold (At least 80-90% of the world should be on the gold standard)

Global reform vote: Bretton Woods agreement → All countries will have their currencies backed by the most influential currency of a super power, which in turn is backed by a valuable resource. (example: US dollar is backed by gold, Mexican peso is backed by the dollar.), Any country that is not within the treaty will suffer crises during the first years, but once the great power has a crisis or prints more currency than the resource that supports it, the global economy will enter a depression that will cause the treaty to be dismantled.

floating exchange rate systems: The inflation of the country's currency will depend on how much demand there is for it.

Economy -

Print cash - Prints exaggerated amounts of money. (It should not exceed the resource that supports it, example: gold standard)(it required Central Bank or Bank)(If the user do not have the gold standard as a reform, the currency will fluctuate to the demand for itself globally.)

Instead of being a complete quantity that shows the economy I suggest making it easier and more understandable like:

If the nation has >999, then: 1K, 10K, 100k

If the nation has >999,999, then: 1M, 10M, 100M

If the nation has >999,999,999, then: 1B, 10B, 100B

If the nation has >999,999,999,999, then: 1T, 10T, 100T

That would be fine, unless someone achieved the unthinkable, going further, It would practically be impossible to have so much economy unless it was through the editor mode. 

Additionally the amount shown in the civilization data breaks once it reaches a very high amount. How in AoH2 where the economy or population went to 1,4B to -1,3B negative.

Battle/wars -

A button that converts our armies that have a general or commander into troops that move by themselves. It works to carry out large-scale attacks on nations with many provinces, especially the British, Russian, mongal or Spanish Empire.

As well as some buttons or rules for armies that move on their own with different actions in complex situations like that:

Evasive capture: This or these armies will try to capture provinces while evading enemy armies.

Direct attack: This or these armies will try to directly attack the enemy armies.

Defensive native borders: This or these armies will try to position themselves equitably in the provinces of their nation that have a border with the enemy, this will allow them to make defenses such as the maginot line, they will also benefit at the end of a battle, recovering in the same province that they protected.

Direct capture: This or these armies will capture the enemy provinces regardless of whether the enemy armies are there or not.

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8 hours ago, GalacticCakes said:

Diplomasi/kaynaklar - 

Oyunda yer alması muhtemel olmayan fikir: Eğer ülke bir yıl/gün/ay/hafta veya iki yılda kaynakların %100 ila %300'ü arasında devasa bir toplam satarsa, kaynakların fiyatı abartılı bir şekilde düşecektir. buna olan talep, diğer ülkelerin onu belirli bir şey için kullanma ihtiyacının akışına bağlı olacaktır.

kanunlar -

aşağıdaki gibi yeni yasalar:

 | Göç yasası 

  Kenarlıklar -

İzole kenarlıklar: 

Açıklama: Sınırlar hükümet tarafından sıkı bir şekilde korunmaktadır.

Aylık -%5 yerli olmayan nüfus, +%5 İstikrar, +%10 mutluluk, +%4 Ekonomi.

Düzenlenmiş Sınırlar:

Açıklama: Sınırlarda orta düzeyde pasif-agresif gözetim vardır.

Aylık -%2 yerli olmayan nüfus, +%3 istikrar, +%8 mutluluk.

Pasif sınır kuvvetleri:

Açıklama: Sınırlar pasif olarak denetlenmektedir.

-- Aylık yerli olmayan nüfus, +%1 İstikrar, +%4 mutluluk.

Sınırları Aç:

Açıklama: Sınırlar herkese açıktır, her sivil girebilir ve çıkabilir.

Aylık +%5 Yerli olmayan nüfus, -%4 İstikrar, -%1 mutluluk.


Vergi kanunları -

[Kaynak Vergisini Ayarla]↓

Düşük vergi || orta Vergi || Yüksek Vergi || aşırı vergi||


Parasal reform -

Altın Standardı: Nakit altınla desteklenecek (Dünyanın en az %80-90'ı altın standardında olmalı)

Küresel reform oyu: Bretton Woods anlaşması → Tüm ülkelerin para birimleri, bir süper gücün en etkili para birimiyle desteklenecek ve bu da değerli bir kaynakla desteklenecek. (örnek: ABD doları altınla destekleniyor, Meksika pesosu dolar tarafından destekleniyor.) Anlaşmaya dahil olmayan herhangi bir ülke ilk yıllarda kriz yaşayacaktır, ancak büyük güç krize girdiğinde veya daha fazla para bastığında Bunu destekleyen kaynak ortadan kalkarsa, küresel ekonomi anlaşmanın bozulmasına neden olacak bir bunalıma girecek.

Dalgalı döviz kuru sistemleri: Ülke para biriminin enflasyonu, ona olan talebin miktarına bağlı olacaktır.

Ekonomi -

Nakit yazdır - Abartılı miktarlarda para yazdırır. (Kendisini destekleyen kaynağı aşmamalıdır, örneğin: altın standardı)(Merkez Bankası veya Banka gerektirir)(Kullanıcının reform olarak altın standardı yoksa, para birimi küresel olarak kendisine olan talebe göre dalgalanacaktır.)

Ekonomiyi tam olarak gösteren bir nicelik yerine, bunu şu şekilde daha kolay ve anlaşılır hale getirmeyi öneriyorum:

Ülkede >999 varsa, o zaman: 1K, 10K, 100k

Ülkede >999.999 varsa, o zaman: 1 Milyon, 10 Milyon, 100 Milyon

Ülkede >999.999.999 varsa, o zaman: 1B, 10B, 100B

Ülkenin >999,999,999,999'u varsa, o zaman: 1T, 10T, 100T

Birisi düşünülemez olanı başarmadığı sürece, daha da ileri gitmedikçe bu iyi olurdu. Editör modu aracılığıyla olmadığı sürece bu kadar tasarrufa sahip olmak pratikte imkansız olurdu. 

Ayrıca medeniyet verilerinde gösterilen miktar çok yüksek bir miktara ulaştığında kırılıyor. Ekonominin veya nüfusun 1,4B'den -1,3B negatife gittiği AoH2'de nasıl?

Savaş/savaşlar -

Generali veya komutanı olan ordularımızı kendi kendine hareket eden birliklere dönüştüren bir buton. Başta İngiliz, Rus, Moğol veya İspanyol İmparatorluğu olmak üzere birçok vilayete sahip milletlere geniş çaplı saldırılar gerçekleştirmek için çalışıyor.

Bunun gibi karmaşık durumlarda farklı eylemlerle kendi başlarına hareket eden ordular için bazı düğmeler veya kuralların yanı sıra:

Kaçınma ele geçirme: Bu veya bu ordular, düşman ordularından kaçarken eyaletleri ele geçirmeye çalışacaktır.

Doğrudan saldırı: Bu veya bu ordular doğrudan düşman ordularına saldırmaya çalışacaktır.

Savunmacı yerel sınırlar: Şu veya bu ordular, kendi milletlerinin düşmanla sınırı olan illerinde kendilerini adil bir şekilde konumlandırmaya çalışacaklar, bu onların maginot hattı gibi savunma yapmalarını sağlayacak, aynı zamanda bir savaşın sonunda da fayda sağlayacaklar. savaş, korudukları aynı eyalette toparlanıyor.

Doğrudan ele geçirme: Bu veya bu ordular, düşman ordularının orada olup olmadığına bakılmaksızın düşman eyaletlerini ele geçirecektir.

Actually, if you look at the recent videos, there's a latest one (seen in the move to armies video). It shows the

?move  the armies video

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Az önce Muhoaga şunları söyledi:

Aslında son videolara görülüyor, en yenisini yazıyor (ordulara geçiş görüntüsünde görülüyor). Şunu gösterir:

Orduları hareket ettirin videosu

Ai army

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