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Age of History 3

United Nations - Age Of Information

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Hello Mr @Łukasz Jakowski This Idea Is Game Changing In Late Game And In Modern Day Scenarios, 

The United Nations Will Be An Entity That Appears After World War 2 With The Condition That The Allies Win And Will Have A Charter Which Will Have Rules Called Articles That Would Allow The Modern World To Form Kind of Organically, The Articles Ban Stuff Genocide, Colonialism And Religious Oppression, For Example The British Empire Would Get Massive Debuffs As It Is A Colonial Empire, Causing It To Give Independence To Its Colonies And Draw The Borders Itself EX: Partition Of British Raj, These Would Happen Through Events And The Released Countries Can Be Binded By Certain treaties With the Former Coloniser giving Them Resources Like France Did In Southwestern Africa, This Would Prevent Border Gore As If Someone Starts in 1440 For Example And Keeps Playing Till The UN Forms The Borders Might Be Scuffed (Unless AI Is Better) so this would fix the bordergore by slowly dividing the world based on ethnicity, I Think A Nessacary To Add Historical AI Like The Hoi4 One, This Would Be Essential But Hard To Implement so take your time figuring out regular AI First


The Un would be controlled By the superpowers (US, UK Etc) And Your Relation WIth These countries would affect the consequences to breaking the un charter rules, For Example (Non Political Example) I am Argentina And I Commit Genocide In Brazil But Have High Relations With US AND Eu, my relations are heavily damaged and im condemned and sanctioned but much less than any normal country would have been if it did what i did, The UN Will Intervene Sending Special UN Land Units Into Civil War Countries, These Units Cannot Be Recruited By The Player


Also If There Is A Separatist Movement The UN Will Give Them Bonuses Such As International Support ETC...


The UN Mainly Has Three Abilities, Sanctions, Military Interventions And Humanitarian Aid

Sanctions will shatter your economy crippling you and making it much harder to start a war without actually taking things into consideration

Military Intervention Happens In Civil Wars Only In Which The Un Will Occupy Certain Cities And Make Them UN Safe Zones, these Zones WILL NOT be attacked By Any side To Avoid Sanctions

Humanitarian Aid Is A Massive Buff For The Player, If The Opposing nation commits war crimes or nukes this will activate Allowing You To recover WAAAAY faster

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