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I am writing to you to correct one historical mistake that you made in the Aoh2 and so that you do not do this in the Aoh3. As you probably know, there is such a principality as Lithuania or the official name “Grand Duchy of Lithuania”. But for some reason, almost everyone absolutely (except for Wikipedia and real historians) thinks that the GDL is Lithuania, although they simply do not know the history of the Eastern Slavs. After all, in fact, the GDL is a Western Russian state that united the Baltic Samogitians and the Eastern Slavs (who in the future will form such a people that in the GDL were the most numerous as Belarusians)! Also, in the GDL, in addition to the future Belarusians, such a religion as Orthodoxy was also widespread, which was also absolutely everywhere in the GDL except Samogitia, where there were Catholic Balts. The official language of the GDL was not Lithuanian (which did not exist at all then), but “Old Belarusian” (officially), or according to Wikipedia “Western Russian”. The very first capital of the GDL was the Belarusian city of Novogrudok (Do not confuse it with Novgorod!), and plus, the first prince of the GDL was actually originally the prince of the Novogrudok principality, and only then he renamed the Novogrudok principality to Lithuania. And just a few facts about the GDL is that the residents of the GDL themselves and all the other strange people in Europe called the residents of the GDL “Litvins”. Also, do not confuse them with Lithuanians, these Litvins were not modern Lithuanians, but future Belarusians and also Ukrainians, and the future Lithuanians themselves in the GDL were Samogites. In the Russian Empire, the people of the GDL were not called Litvins, but the people who had already appeared then were called Belarusians. The same thing applies to the language; in the Russian Empire the GDL language was called not Western Russian, but Old Belarusian. In the modern world, due to the confusion of history, the Lithuanians themselves called themselves this way in order to assign themselves the status of heir to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and their real name is “Zemaitiy”. And just so you know, this is not the only confusion! In history there was also such an Empire as the Macedonian Empire, and everyone also thought from the name that this was modern Macedonia. But it turned out that the ancient Macedonians are not modern Macedonians, but Greeks. And then everyone recognized the Macedonian Empire as Greek. And now the same thing, everyone thinks that the GDL is Lithuania, but in fact it is the Eastern Slavs or, more officially, the “Empire of Belarus.” Therefore, let you do this, you will create such a country as the “Belarusian-Lithuanian Union”. And if in the script editor you make the ideology of this country of Absolute Monarchy, then it will be a real GDL, and not just Lithuania as it was in Aoh2. So that both Belarusians and Lithuanians will not be offended. And a country like Lithuania with the ideology of Absolute Monarchy will not be a GDL (As in Aoh2). And for example, the Kingdom of Lithuania with the modern Lithuanian flag, I will be glad if you listen to me and confirm the historical fact!

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