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Hello this is About : Age of Buru Archive for Anniversary.ic_32x32.png.526fbb2bd8e3e0a7e4a3a69ded570c8a.png This Mod Base on Blue Archive. Not Finish Yet. Main Map Use Kepler in Future Own map will Come Soon and mod are in Dev. Near Beta. I Do this Project for 5-6 Month wait until 2.5 Anniversary of BA

list: of Already finisheditor_leaders.png.cc8961e6105c0f672b8b18b54f2cf8cd.png


Red winter


Millennium Science



Arius Branch



SRT Special

Highlander Railroad


Independent Federal Investigation Club SCHALE 

Disciplinary Committee 



in BA Update




こんにちは、日本人プレイヤーです。 ブルーアーカイブ2.5周年記念のMODです。 日本語をサポート 60-80% 

สวัสดี คน ไทย Mod นี้ ไม่ รองรับ ภาษา ไทย  -_-  การ แปลภาษา 30-40% Coming soon

Hello Global Player This mod Support language English 100%

For BA 2.5 Anniversary. Have Fun With Blue Archive

Coming in 2024-2025 progress 30-40 % it will take long Because am only one who work in this Project. 



Ask: did you play BA?

me: Yes I Play BA

Ask: This project you did for the 2.5 BA anniversary?

me: yes

Note: I don't speak and typed English on normal days, so some English words are wrong.editor_leaders.png.cc8961e6105c0f672b8b18b54f2cf8cd.png

translate Aoc3 Thai MaxitheAustria Finnish first so I have time to work on this Project



This mod is Not finish if you want to play AOC2 mod base on or About BA mod go to this Topic 😄

example                                                                              game_logo.png.6d5e8b84f1d88f0e26d6d9322ae53de5.png


Link Coming Sooneditor_leaders.png.cc8961e6105c0f672b8b18b54f2cf8cd.png

Map 1 BA today                                                                           Map 2 BA                                                                                 

preview.png.35132bbd9c834730ccd9fdf00a20575f.png        preview.png.2c92d28e63e09f66f0820121e8088c90.png


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About time

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9 minutes ago, germanycommunities said:

In future updates, do will add more provinces?

Yes This mod in future will have own map and new provinces

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