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3 questions about character portraits



All the characters' portraits, as far as I know of, are all AI generated generic portraits.

So I have 3 questions about them:

My 1st Q (however stupid this one may be) is: will there be unique portraits for some characters? Cause you don't want Adolf Hitler, Napoleon or Georgy Zhukov to all be having the portrait of some generic AoH3 medieval king.

My 2nd Q is: will you be able to make portraits yourself? This is required to be able to make your own characters or to change the existing portraits.

My 3rd Q is: will portraits change over time or based on events or based the role of the character? Cause a 5 year old Louis XIV on the throne looks different from a 77 year old one. And looks may also change based on events like: the character contracting an illness, the character developing a condition or the character getting visible injuries. A characters role may also change how they look: general Eisenhower will be wearing a different uniform than president Eisenhower.

Things like these will greatly impact the realism of the game.

Thank you in advance!

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